How to Colorize Black and White Photos

Ever wanted to see your grandparent’s photos in colors? At a time, where the colored photos are even not invented, it was absolute foolishness to expect real-life like looking colored photographs. So, they managed to capture valuable moments in their life with the latest technology available at that time, the black and white photography. But today, the things are changed, and the world is stepping into the virtual reality. Anyhow, if you ever wanted to retouch black and white photos without hiring an expert in Photoshop, we have some simple solutions for you.

Colorize it is a service hosted in Algorithma that can colorize black and white photos within a matter of seconds. The Colorize it works on an algorithm which scans the uploaded images pixel by pixel and outputs after applying suitable colors for them. The algorithm is not perfect as any other founded algorithm, so that sometimes you may not get the desired results. But, most of the times, it converts black and white images to colored images without noticeable problems. Let’s explore more about it.

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How to Colorize Black and White Photos using Colorize it

To convert black and white images to colored format, you have to upload them to an image hosting service like ImageGur. If you have a blog and own hosting server, you could also use the URL from your own server. After uploading the image, go to the ‘Colorize it’ website and paste the URL into the correct field. After pasting the URL, click on “Colorize it” button. Now, the website will work on your image to convert it into a completely new picture with colors added.

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Here is an example of the colorized images taken from the website. You could select a number of examples available on the website to analyze the output performance.

Colorize Black and White Photos Colorize it Example

As you can see, it looks like a professionally colorized image with all details exposed. Only at the tip of the peak in the colorized section, a little blue color is overlayed, but still satisfactory. The website contains so many examples like this where you could adjust the line to change the colorized section.

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If you still didn’t like this service, there is an alternative image colorizer available online. ColorizePhoto Converter is such a web app which can help you with the same. In this website, you could select desired colors from a source image to apply on the black and white photo. It is very useful to colorize some simple images like a man’s face which only takes a little effort. Try to avoid this tool if the black and white picture contain many small objects. In such situations, go for the above-given web service.

We hope this helped you to colorize black and white photos taken in the past. If so, don’t forget to thank us through your valuable comments. If you have any more effective tools to convert black and white photos, share it with our readers.

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