Bluboo Dual: A Dual Camera Smartphone Better looking than iPhone 7 Plus

Technology is rapidly changing in smartphone also like in any other field. To increase the user satisfaction, companies are changing their products frequently. Not only in the software, but also in hardware the companies implementing new techniques in each release. Yesterday, Apple launched their iPhone 7 Plus. As expected, the device comes with a dual camera design. It seems like the dual camera models becoming common in smartphone industry this year. Following the same, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Bluboo also looking forward to the “Dual Camera” section with the latest Bluboo Dual smartphone. Not only in the camera, but also in design, the Bluboo dual shows similarity to the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s simply a Dual camera phone better looking than iPhone 7 Plus.

It’s already out of fashion to have a single camera handset instead of the most advanced dual camera setup. Vivid images with smooth colors can be processed by a dual camera while the single camera devices still in their old path. While coming to Bluboo Dual, it is coming with the Bluboo’s exclusive image synthesizing technology which can enhance the shots by applying more detail to the scene and adjusting the colors according to the visible light. As per the company, Bluboo Dual adopts 13.0 MP dual rear cameras which is the highest resolution for dual cameras so far. The dual cameras utilize the Sony lenses which could not only automatically detect the shooting environment and start, but also help improve 20% of the clarity.

There are no more details out in the rumors. The price and specs of the Bluboo Dual is yet to be out in the rumors or the official words. While waiting for the smartphone, you could check out the Bluboo Maya Max which is still on flash sale with $79.99. If you are a Bluboo fan, you don’t want to miss it.

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