Bluboo Dual Gets Dual Camera Design Just Like iPhone 7 Plus

Bluboo Dual is the upcoming flagship from the Bluboo which inherits the features of the brand new iPhone 7 Plus that just launched yesterday. iPhone 7 came with a dual camera design as expected with a nice design and features enhanced when compared to the previous models. Following the same, the Bluboo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has exhibited the latest images of their upcoming flagship which looks very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus design. It enhances the similarity by including the dual camera feature also.

There are two cameras on the back of the Bluboo Dual both looking same in size and design. Both are made from the Sony lenses with 13.0 MP resolution. Sibling the dual camera, there is a flash light on the back side. Slicing out the device cover, there are two lines one on the upper side bordering the cameras and other one on the bottom. It looks exactly like what we’ve seen in previous Apple models. But to be honest, the Bluboo dual looks better than the Apple devices in terms of design.

The dual cameras designed by Bluboo’s Synthesizing Technolgy can deliver superior quality on the images with high detail. Auto adjusting colors on the images is also an attraction towards the camera. It automatically detects the situation and environment to adjust the shot as suitable. The dual cameras enhance the capability to widen the view at a large scale.

As we’ve mentioned in our early article on Bluboo Dual, the pricing and specs details are still hidden as the company or rumors still silent. Once we get any more information regarding the smartphone, we will surely post them on our website. One thing is sure, the Bluboo looking forward something big with the dual camera set up in their upcoming flagship.


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