8 Standard Quality Tests Guarantee the Superior Quality of Bluboo Maya Max

Following a number of testing and comparison videos, Bluboo now released a video where the Bluboo Maya Max tested to the extreme. They are always trying to make it one of the best by promoting as much as possible through many testing videos and reviews. This time with a little more trusty source in the form of a video. In the video, the device is tested in 8 different ways including, drop test, pressure test, button test, corrosion test, etc. And the device passed all of them without any problems. If it is what it turns out to be according to the video, it would probably be one of the best smartphones under $200.

To explain the video, it exhibits an extreme testing process the Bluboo Maya Max gone through. The video shows the whole test procedure of Maya Max in detail. It includes a micro-drop test (up to 10cm height, 5,000 times), soft squeeze test (2,000 times), physical buttons test (100,000 times) and paper tape abrasion test also. To ensure the quality of the USB-C plug port, it was tested for almost 5,000 times and earphone port quality tested for 5,000 times. In addition, it also went through the rolling test, globule impact test, and salt fog corrosion test, etc. Here is the testing video.

Bluboo Maya Max is still on the flash sale with numerous offers. Users are already flooding to the website to book their piece. If you are really impressed by the above-given video, it might be a better option to visit the flash sale and own one for a lower price. Bluboo looking forward more customers with continuous offers on their products. Recently, the Bluboo Dual rumors were out on the internet which is a similar smartphone to the iPhone 7 Plus with the dual camera. Anyhow, this testing video impressed the users to a great extent and we could expect more in coming days.


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