LeEco launching Le Pro 3 on September 21, Specs and AnTuTu Benchmark found

LeEco announced a new event on coming September 21. This announcement was released through the Chinese Social Media network named Weibo. Based on their announcement, this event is an official release of their upcoming smartphone. They hyped that the new device would change the idea of flagship smartphones.

Already there is a talk going on about a new high-end smartphone coming in September from LeEco. That high-end smartphone, which also hyped by LeEco as “changing the idea of Flagship smartphones”, could be Le Pro 3.

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There are some rumors going on about Le Pro 3 in the media. It I believed that the new high-end Processor Chipset from Qualcomm namely, Snapdragon 821, would first be seen on Le Pro 3. This is a great news, as many snapdragon fans may choose Le Pro 3 as their new flagship device. The AnTuTu benchmark score for Le Pro 3 was released recently. The score is top notch with 163k mark. This is seriously a new high-end power in smartphones. This kind of power may probably change the scenario of smartphone specifications in the near future.

Next to the CPU, the other expected high-end specifications are 6GB RAM and 6GB Internal Storage and a massive 5000mAh battery. The cameras in the rear and front could be 16MP and 8MP.

At the same time, there is another smartphone from LeEco is also rumored to be coming soon. That model is Le 2S pro. We know which smartphone is coming from LeEco and going to change the Flagship levels, only on September 21.

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While announcement from LeEco is going on one side, its CEO criticizes Apple’s recent release, “iPhone 7” for lack of innovative features and hectic price. This is something we cannot see in the smartphone market. But this is happening now. We will give more information about the LeEco event on September 21.

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