VKWorld T1 Plus Kratos on Sale with VR Box and FPC Fingerprint Scanner

VKWorld T1 Plus Kratos is all set to go online for sale in few days. Just before it go online, we received a news about this new smartphone. T1 Plus Kratos buyers will get a free VR Box with it. And another information is that it packs FPC Fingerprint scanner with many features.

VKWorld T1 Plus Kratos is a Phablet with 6-inch screen with KDI display technology and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and packs a 4300mAh battery. The body of the device made of Aluminum with unibody design. Over and above this specifications, VKWorld tried something innovative with their packing box.


The packing box of T1 Plus Kratos also acts as a VR Box. For many people, VR Box is not “their thing” because of the extra money they have to pay for it. When it is coming free with the smartphone, it is an appreciable effort. This VR box is only made of the usual cardboard packing box, but buyers getting this for free without any extra cost. So, we don’t need to mind the quality of this add-on.

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The VR Box coming along with T1 Plus Kratos, specialized with 6-axis gyroscope and can detect “yaw”, “pitch”, “roll” and XYZ axis. It can also make adjustments.

FPC is a popular fingerprint module supplier in the world and supplying for top brands. This smartphone uses fingerprint module from this top level brand. The features of this fingerprint scanner are unlocking the phone in just 0.3 second, serves as a camera shutter to take photos by touching it, can switch pictures in gallery by swiping it and can act as call receiving button.

VKWorld T1 Plus Kratos is coming soon for pre-sale. If you are looking for this smartphone to buy, stay tune with us. We will update the pre-sale date and price soon.

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