Xiaomi AMAZFIT Review

Xiaomi AMAZFIT is a good smartwatch with an excellent design.

Smartwatches all around the globe has been there for a while by making the daily tasks simple and effective. A smartwatch can help users to track their walk, exercise, or even sleep. Xiaomi AMAZFit is an excellent product from Xiaomi that has all the functionalities like a normal smartwatch and maybe more. It is priced $145.99 on Gearbest which could be bought from the link given at the end of this article. It is actually the pre-order price of the device which may increase after the end of the offer period. Before being too fast, let’s have a quick review of the Xiaomi AMAZFIT to know more about it.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Review

The device comes with an elegant design built on Ceramic casing and Silicone band. The combination of bands with different colors creates a stunning visual on the smartwatch. The product feels comfy on hands and not that slippery when compared to other Silicone bands on the field. The round curved screen also enhances the beauty to a great extent. But, here’s one of the important thing you should know – it only works for Android and does not work for iOS (At least for now).


The AMAZFIT is a sports targetted smartwatch which is likely for the sportsmen out there or the passionate young casual players. The all-weather bright screen will be also beneficial for using the device in any conditions without any difficulty in analyzing the screen. It utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to sync details between the Android devices. As we mentioned before, the device is currently not compatible with iOS devices, and you can expect Xiaomi to soon expand its compatibility with iOS devices as well.

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There is 4GB of internal ROM storage available on the smartwatch that is more than enough for the normal usage. The intelligent notifications including information pushing, Alipay quick payment, weather conditions, call reminder, etc. will work smoothly with the help of the hardware installed. 1.34-inch screen with 320×200 resolution utilizes most of the battery power which can last for 5 days in standby mode. The Bluetooth music technology allows you to store more than 500 songs on the AMAZFIT to make your workout enjoyable.

Last but not least, the Heart rate monitor is the key feature that is equipped with advanced algorithm running on the built-in PPG sensor. It accurately measures every heart rate of a user with the help of most advanced sensors. A GPS real-time tracking system also adds to the features of the Xiaomi AMAZFIT.


It is a good smartwatch with a nice set of features and good design. The quality is also very nice and has no defects from our tests. The performance is also excellent even on extreme workout conditions. But, $145.99 may be a little higher price for this device while there are many other competitors with less price and with same specs. However, it is still an option if you need a quality product. To get this device, follow the link below.

Buy Here for $145.99

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