YI II 4K Sports Action Camera Review

YI II 4K Sports Action Camera is the perfect partner for your sports.

To get rid of the boring life, it is always a fun way to do some sport. But to make it even enjoyable, someone chose extreme sports like mountain climbing, long riding, and water jumping from higher altitudes. If you are one of them, the YI II 4K Sports Action Camera is a good partner to invite to your next journey. This waterproof WiFi sports actions camera with 155 degrees wide angle can capture memorable moments in your life without any decrease in quality. The power of 4K will power your smiles while watching the videos in future. So, we have a nice review of the product to let you know more about it. Have a look.

YI II 4K Sports Action Camera Review

The YI II 4K Sports Action Camera will look like a simple Digital camera with a lens popping out of the case with a button click. It is completely waterproof which is extremely useful for sea divers to capture amazing moments in the deep blueness of the sea. The 2.19-inch screen with 360 x 640 resolution has many functionalities that even works under water. Before having a deep look into this review, have your eyes on the review video given below to get an overview of this amazing product.

Looking inside, the device is running on the Ambarella A9SE75 chipset which is well known for the performance on action cameras. It helps to precisely filter out the motion pictures by reducing the blur to a great extent. The built-in 1400mAh rechargeable battery can run the device for 120 minutes of recording in 4K at 30fps. It sounds like a little low as there will be much better usage while on long journeys and long deep dives. If you are looking for a long battery powered action camera, we won’t recommend this to you without a power bank or powering devices.

The camera utilizes 7-layer optical glass lens with F2.8 (f = 2.68mm) aperture to provide an appreciable 12.0 MP resolution. It performs well even on the extreme darkness that enhances the capability of the product to be used as an action camera under water. The wide angle lens and dual microphones also add to the features. There are nine different picture modes to choose for different purposes including Timed Photos, Time lapse videos, Continuous Shoot, Slow motion, etc.

It is also equipped with the functionalities like 6-axis anti-shake, Lens distortion correction, Hyper-lapse, One Key/Touch operations, 3-second quick start, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. all for a price of $249.99. It is also available in different color variants including Black, White and Rose Gold.


YI II 4K Sports Action Camera is a good product to consider if you need a high-quality product to capture memorable moments in your sports. It has a great waterproofing technology that resists the water for a long time without any damages to the inner parts. The performance also good with the power of a nice set of hardware installed inside. If you would like to buy the product, you could do that from the following link.

Buy Here for $249.99

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