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Many other SEO strategies have come and gone, but the importance of content has always increased. In fact, this strategy has evolved to such a level that content marketing has become one independent form of online marketing strategy. It is highly cost effective, and no internet marketing strategy can be complete without it. The demand for rich and unique content has always been on the surge. The very nature of the web means it will keep growing, and new websites get added. And addressing this ever-growing demand is a challenge in itself. Contentmart is one website that stands out from the crowd. It is a dedicated Content marketplace that’s focused solely on bringing content writers and content-seekers together.

Importance of Content

As already mentioned, the importance of content can never be fully emphasized. There are so many reasons why it is required, and no business can think of running a complete online marketing campaign without content marketing.

Here are the main reasons why content is so important:

  • Search engines love the high quality and unique content.
  • Content is required not only in SEO but also for social media and PR campaigns.
  • Content allows you to reach and engage with your targeted audience.
  • High-quality content means attracting high-quality links.
  • Your on-site content has a big impact on user experience, time spent, bounce rate, and conversion.
  • The right content also draws relevant traffic.
  • High quality and relevant content also boost trust for your brand.

Rich content also helps in defining your company while making your brand stand out. Contentmart has emerged as a trusted platform where writing agencies, freelance writers, and content seekers come together to deal with high-quality, original content.

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There are many attributes to this portal that make it unique and help address your content needs in the best possible way.

A No-Commission Model

As a client seeking Professional content writers on Contentmart, you will not have to pay any commission to this website. This makes it a unique online marketplace in itself. All you will be paying is the per-project fees to the writer you engage. In simple terms, you will be using the professional services of this site for free. This also means access to tens of thousands of writers without paying anything to this website.

Project Cost Limits

Another unique characteristic that makes Contentmart a special platform for content seekers is that there’s no minimum or maximum project cost limitation. As a client, you could post a project with a price that depends on your budget. On the other hand, the service providers can negotiate the prices when they send you their proposal. You can thus Hire Freelance Writers who meet your requirements and budget limitations. They have a limit on pricing model – minimum 0.40 paisa/per word and INR 200/per order.

Check Writer History & Portfolio

Contentmart allows clients to check the history and portfolio of Professional content writers before hiring their services. Anyone who shows their interest in your project can be checked for their profile, portfolio and past feedbacks by their previous clients. If you like something you can ask them for more details and decide whether to hire their services or not.

Contentmart & Contact Restrictions

Because Contentmart provides you a free-to-use platform along with built-in security measures, there’s no need for you to share your contact details directly with the writing agencies or writers. With all the secure mechanisms in place, the website emphasizes that both clients and writers not share any contact details using the chat messenger.

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The website provides many reasons why it discourages content service seekers and Content Writing Companies to work outside its unique platform. Some of these reasons provided by the portal are as following:

  • When you work outside Contentmart and directly, you are putting your money at risk without any safety net.
  • The Contentmart provides a guarantee of complete payment for all accepted work. There is no such guarantee once you deal outside of it.
  • When you work outside Contentmart, your payment and work are at risk of being lost. There is no guarantee or assurance that’s provided by Contentmart.
  • As Contentmart doesn’t charge clients, there is no reason why not to take advantage of its built-in guarantee feature.

When you choose this site to Hire Freelance Writers, you are also creating a reliable record of all the work completed here. The same applies to the writers too. The testimonials and ratings provided by the other party will contribute to your profile and help you find more writers or projects in the future. Besides, Contentmart provides a regular flow of projects, something that means continuous work for the writers. It is the true definition of a Content marketplace and has contributed in a big way to address the ever-growing demand for content. Whether you are someone seeking content for promoting your business or providing content writing services, it is a reliable and trusted platform for your needs.

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