Make Video Ads Part of Your App Monetization Strategy

Online video advertisements are gaining popularity as more and more people turn to mobile and apps for everyday internet use. Here’s how video ads can boost up your app profits.

How Video Ads Can Boost Up Your App Profits

Since the internet came into existence, one of its main purposes has been to help businesses display advertisements to promote their products and services. For a long time, search ads and static ads dominated the advertising space on the internet. This type of advertising worked very well when computers were the main source of the internet.

Once the internet became widely available on mobile devices, the static way of advertising became less effective while video ads grew in popularity. Today, we are learning to master the new components of effective advertising in the cyber world as mobile, and app use outgrows the traditional computer – one of which is the use video advertising. Here are some pro tips on how video ads can boost up your app profits.

The Best Online Ad Method

As analysists work out the best ways to advertise online today, one thing that has become blatantly clear is that video is one of them. One short video of advertisement has the potential to increase brand awareness and the favorability of a brand significantly. A video also has the ability to reach wider and more targeted audiences. It can boost a brand’s social ranking, increase consumer confidence in a product or service and get a business ranked higher in search engines.

With so many brands and businesses using video to advertise, you can use this to your own advantage when developing an app monetization strategy. However, there are some important factors that you must consider in order to succeed in doing this.

Factors to Consider

When you’re developing a monetization strategy for your app, you should consider rewarded video, sponsored video and other in-app advertising methods that allow you to incorporate video ads into your app. Rewarded video provides high-quality video advertisements, various monetization models, and allows you to own complete control over customization and unit UX.

While using in-app video ads can be a great idea for boosting your app profits, there are some things about consumer experience you should consider as well before you make any final decisions.

It’s very important for you to understand how people react to online videos. The videos you place in your app should be relevant to the same audience that your app is targeted towards. You also need to keep in mind that mobile consumers have shorter attention spans in general. Finally, consider the viewability of the ads you choose to incorporate into your app. The smaller sized screens on mobile devices should still be able to display the video clearly if you want them to be effective.

Make Video Ads Part of Your App

With video ads becoming more popular than ever, it would probably be in your best interest to incorporate them into your app as a monetization strategy. Just remember not to make them too disruptive or irrelevant. Otherwise, you’ll just find your app getting a lot of negative reviews instead of turning higher profits.

If you choose your video ads and where you place them within your app wisely, you could definitely boost your app profits easily. You can always turn to a company that helps assist with app monetization strategies to help you get started.

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    Eve Sep 29, 2016 at 4:50 am

    it’s a great idea to offer, for example, game players extra points or artifacts for watching the ads. It’s a win-win.

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