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Microsoft PowerPoint is simply the most widely used presentation platform. It is a familiar application  and has a mass installed base. Despite its deep penetration in the industry, there’s one common place where everyone feels limited – how to create professional looking presentation decks without having visual designs skills or knowledge. Solutions to this problem are simple, or the user studies graphic design and acquires the required knowledge to take the most from the tool, or finding a source that provides creative, professional and affordable templates that fulfill your requirements. You can follow dozens of free template providing sites. But like anything else, you will always get what you pay for. Poor quality or unimpressive templates cannot help you impress your clients or team.

Finding the right place for thousands of high-quality PowerPoint templates doesn’t have to be hard work. This is where SlideModel comes into the picture. There are many reasons why this site stands out from the crowd and offers unmatched value for money.

SlideModel is a large platform that not only offers editable PowerPoint templates, it also has other useful visual assets on their offering,  including:

  • Editable PowerPoint Maps
  • Editable PowerPoint Diagrams, ranging different categories like business, process, layered, circular, funnel, etc.
  • PowerPoint Charts. Data Driven PowerPoint Charts and dashboard for presenting data as a pro.
  • Infographics: Deliver Data conclusions with visual assets that help information processing.
  • Shapes: Decorate your presentations with editable vector shapes that will empower your message through visual scenes.
  • PowerPoint Themes: Just need to create a quick presentation through a professional theme; drag and drop, fill in the banks and you will have your presentation deck ready; Annual Reports, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, etc.

With so much on offer, SlideModel ideally works as your one-stop platform for even the most sophisticated PowerPoint presentations.

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SlideModel PowerPoint Templates

The website has a professional interface with a dedicated menu-bar. Just hover over the “PowerPoint Template” and it will open up the detailed navigation.

The site has categorized PowerPoint templates into different sub-categories so that you can choose the right one based on your requirements. This includes:

  • Best Templates
  • Latest Templates
  • Business Templates
  • Strategy Templates
  • Marketing Templates
  • SWOT Templates

The best templates are determined based on the ratings and feedbacks provided by users. In other words, this is the list of the most popular templates on the site. There are very few other sites that match SlideModel in providing such rating feature. It is an assurance that those who have used the templates have positive or negative reviews about them.

All the PowerPoint templates on SlideModel are rated. Overall, there are thousands of templates to choose from, and each one of them has been rated. You can also sort the templates based on the following parameters:

  • Popularity
  • Newest
  • Title

Business  PowerPoint Templates

This is one of the most popular section of the gallery. It makes this website stand out from the crowd. As business dynamics become more complex and strategy-oriented, these templates work as a great way present your goals, strategies, and analysis. Besides the generic templates, there are framework -based templates that can be used for various types of business analysis such as the Blue McKinsey 7S and Bowman’s Strategy Clock, SWOT Analysis Templates, Sales Funnel Diagrams, etc.

Some of the most popular business templates on the site include:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Templates
  • VRIO Model Template
  • SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates
  • Simple Balanced Scorecard KPI Dashboard
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Template
  • Porter’s Five Forces Template
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Advanced Search Feature

Using the advanced search feature saves you time and the hassles of going through hundreds of templates. All you have to do is type in the details of the type of template you need and it will present the list of all the PowerPoint templates relevant to your requirements.

Main Features & Benefits

Some of the main features and benefits of SlideModel’s PowerPoint templates that make this platform stand out are as following:

  • Save Valuable Time – Creating unique and creative PowerPoint decks can take hours if not days. With SlideModel’s endless number of options, you will save both time and effort. The PowerPoint templates can be customized to your needs with minor edits. Besides, access to such a large database of elements including diagrams, maps, shapes, graphs, charts, and tables further makes life easier for a professional who is always short of time.
  • Readily Editable Templates – All the templates on SlideModel can be easily edited. Not only can you add your content, but it is also easy to change the colors and add photos and logos. The colors can be easily matched to your brand identity through PowerPoint themes functionality
  • Impressive Up to Date Designs – Your PowerPoint presentations must stand out to be able to impress your audience. The audience could be anyone – your team, senior management, clients, or other stakeholders. SlideModel has a database of creative and highly impressive slide designs that can help keep your audience glued to your presentation while effectively delivering the messages. The gallery is constantly growing and adapting to new design trends.

Subscription Plans

SlideModel has broken its plans into different segments to address the different needs based on downloads and added value services. There are 3 plans which can be chosen. These are:

  • Lite Plan – The Lite Plan allows you to download up to 5 templates a day and 50 a month. It is the entry level plan for presenters with specific needs and sporadic presentations.
  • Premium Plan – This plan offers up to 50 downloads a day and 200 a month. You can also access your download history even after the subscription ends, allowing users to leave the templates online without the need of keeping them in your local storage. This segment is oriented for regular presenters, marketers that need to create banners and collateral as a merge of different assets, presentation designers, and consultants.
  • Team Plan – The Team plan is for organizations or teams where several employees need to access the templates gallery. It offers unlimited download with seat licenses for up to 10 team members. Additional benefits include access to download history, priority customer support, and the option to save templates to Google Drive and Dropbox. The Priority support allows users to request changes or new templates and to be allocated to the current designer’s backlog of SlideModel.
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SlideModel backs up all its plans with a 7-day money back guarantee. You can also cancel your plan at any time.


There’s no denying that SlideModel is a one-stop-destination for all your PowerPoint Template needs. Uniqueness, high quality, creativity and ease of editing are some of the main features and benefits. All the plans are affordable, and it easily makes more sense to choose their unlimited plan. If you want to create professional and classy presentations, SlideModel is one of the best platforms to choose your templates.


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