How To Combine Data and WiFi Connections On Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

High-speed Internet on a mobile can do so many things. You can download movies on the go, watch YouTube videos all day long, video calls without any hiccups and list goes on. In most cases, one stable Internet connection is enough for daily usage. Personally, I pay $50 for my Cellular Data and $20 for my WiFi connection. Whenever I’m at home, I turn off the Data plan to save bandwidth and connect to the WiFi. Sometimes my WiFi encounters dead slow speed which forces me to connect again with the Data plan on my mobile device.

Imagine what if we combine both the connections and finally get a stable and reliable Internet? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Now with the help of an app any iOS user can combine their Data plan with WiFi to get a faster Internet speed. Meet Speedify, it is a simple app to combine your cellular data network with a WiFi network.

What is Speedify?

Speedify makes your Internet faster and more reliable. It easily combines your cellular and Wi-Fi connections to form a new connection with a wider bandwidth which would ensure to keep you online when even your Wi-Fi stops working.

How does it work?

To get started, you have to download the app on your device. Speedify is available for Windows and Mac, and it is available o the Play Store and App Store as well. When you first open the app after installation, it asks for your device permissions.


It needs both the permissions enabled to continue to the next step: Enable Location Permissions, Enable Phone State for Better connectivity. Upon clicking continue, the app shows Connection request to set up a VPN connection that monitors your traffic. If you are thinking about the Built-in VPN is for anonymising your location, it is not what you think, the app simply enabled another dedicated tunnel for traffic monitoring only. The VPN chooses the best speed network among your Data and WiFi connection and provides you with a seamless browsing experience. I tested Speedify on my Android device, and the results were pretty impressive.

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There’s only a deal breaker with the app being not completely free. The program offers up to 1GB of usage for free and if you are satisfied with the performance of Speedify you can then upgrade to the suitable plans.

  • Performance
  • Simple UI
  • Lightweight

  • Not completely free


Overall, Speedify is a pretty impressive tool to combine your net connections; the only downside is that it’s not completely free. Although if you are struggling with dropping net connections, Speedify is a good tool to go with.

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