iNew Pandora R9 Smartphone Is A Straight Competitor To Oppo R9

As we know, iNew is a well popular brand in the Chinese smartphone market with high-end specs and affordable prices. The company is launching a number of smartphones under the Pandora series, as per reports from the company website. The RP will be the first smartphone coming under the Pandora series. Now the company is planning to give a tough competition to the Oppo brand with iNew Pandora R9.

The iNew Pandore R9 is a straight competitor to the Oppo R9 with a decent camera and lower price. The company claims it is a high-end smartphone, which will be against Oppo R9.

iNew Pandore R9 Specs

Features Specs
Display 5.0″ SHARP FHD Display
Screen Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels
Operating System Android 6.0 Marshmallow
CPU Snapdragon 652 chipset
Memory 4GB of RAM
Inbuilt Storage 32GB Built-in memory


Coming to the specs of the iNew Pandora R9, the device features a Moonlight by 13MP front camera, to take sharp and crisp selfies. The display is 5.0″ SHARP FHD screen, Fingerprint with Cream technology, NXP music chipset & Box speaker, 2A fast charge and much more.

Earlier the company released a teaser with the front flash feature with a caption “Fall in Love with the Night.” It seems the company is targeting selfie lovers with its unique Moonlight technology, which is capable of capturing great selfies at any lighting conditions even in low light.

It includes 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage along with a MicroSD card slot. From the above-featured image, we can see the volume rocker on the right side of the device along with power button. On the front top, you will see ear speaker, front camera, LED flash and proximity sensors.

According to the sources, the iNew R9 comes with a cheaper price tag and surely at an affordable price. The availability of the device is yet to be release, and the device will be launch in October. We have contacted the company to know more about the device specs, price, and availability. We will soon update the details of the iNew R9 as we get.

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