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Presenting, whether to a small group of people or a roomful of the audience, can often be daunting and intimidating. The better planned you are, the more confident you become, and the more effective you are at conveying and explaining your message to your audience. However, a big chunk of your time is almost always spent on planning, designing, and creating your presentation, instead of practicing on how to deliver it.

Imagine if you can cut in half the time you spend on creating your PowerPoint presentations, so you can get down to the meat of the matter and even have enough time to spare to be productive at work or grow your business. is a website that provides more than 10,000 free presentation templates for PowerPoint to fulfill all your presentation needs, whether it is for business, school, or personal use. With thousands of professionally designed templates and carefully curated templates, you will never run out of presentation designs, themes, and specialty slides to choose from. Whether you’re creating a photo album of your latest summer vacation or churning out quarterly financial reports on a regular basis, FPPT has you covered.

Polished and professional, FPPT offers thousands of templates for every purpose, subject, audience, or theme — all for free. In fact, we will take a look at a couple of templates that you can use to get you started:

Tower Bridge PowerPoint Template

For a metropolitan feel to your presentations, you can use this Free London Tower Bridge PowerPoint Template. Featuring the infamous London Tower Bridge that crosses over the river Thames, this template is something that your audience will also marvel at. With the image clearly showing the Tower’s magnificent architecture against the cool, cloud-dotted sky, this template can be used for almost any presentation.

If you’re planning a family or business trip, wanting to entice a London-based client base, introducing yourself as a London-based company, or simply want to highlight an iconic architecture, this template is perfect for you. This template can also be used for business and annual reports, financial catalogs, sales pitches, product presentations, travel planning, and more. Any industry can also use this for interesting presentations, whether they are in business, sales, marketing, architecture, tourism, hospitality, art, or photography.

Whatever your presentation is about, you can be assured that your presentation will look cohesive and stunning as a whole. In fact, the Tower Bridge theme unifies all the varying slide layouts in the template, as the imagery is used as a border in each slide.

Furthermore, there are various slide layouts to add variety to your presentation. You can have bulleted and numbered lists, tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams. Just add a blank slide and create your own layout, or choose from the many options provided in the template. As for the visuals, you can easily choose the graph or chart you want and then customize it easily by following the guide and typing in your information.

Try this free template today by downloading the London Tower Bridge PowerPoint Template.

Simple and Effective Flowchart Template

Often, you may have already completed a presentation, but you feel like there’s still something missing. It needs some more life, like a vivid image, a powerful animation, or your long lines of text can use some breaking up, with visualizations using charts and diagrams.

In cases like these, you have to have a slide deck that is a predesigned slide that is intended for a specific purpose, such as this Simple Flowchart PowerPoint Template. This template is great not just for computer programmers and designers, but also for anyone who wants to show how a specific process or workflow works.

Instead of using lists or even a long narrative that will only easily bore your audience, this template can show everything about a workflow, all in one slide. More than just looking aesthetically pleasing, using this free flowchart template allows you to stick to your topic as you have the flowchart as a guide. Furthermore, your audience will also have a better time understanding and remembering whatever it is you’re talking about because they have a flowchart that provides them easy recall.

This template is easily editable so you can type your own information inside the flowchart shapes without worrying about ruining its layout. You can also use shape formats and other effects to add more to the aesthetics, but this clean and simple design will do.

Even if there are many other processes flow templates & PowerPoint diagrams available online, the layout of this flowchart and its color schemes can be edited to suit your branding or preferences. Also, instead of the plain and start white background, you can apply your existing presentation theme and background to the flowchart template. You can also use any other presentation template from FPPT to complete the look of your presentation.

You can get started on your very own flowchart by downloading the simple flowchart PowerPoint template.

So there you have it, two of the many diverse, versatile, polished, and easy-to-use PowerPoint templates that you can use for work, school, or personal slideshows. You can also visit to browse for more amazing and beautiful templates.


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