Vkworld T1 Plus Fingerprint Sensor and Camera Quality compared with iPhone 6s

Vkworld T1 Plus is a newly released smartphone and now available on pre-sale with special price. The brand Vkworld is teasing their new smartphone for the last few weeks. Now, they released two videos that comparing the performance and quality of fingerprint sensor and Camera with iPhone 6s.

We have posted those two comparison videos below. The first one shows the performance of fingerprint sensor. Vkworld proved T1 Plus is unlocking the device in just 1 second. The other fingerprint controlled functions are also tested in this video. The fingerprint sensor of T1 Plus is made of FPC while the iPhone uses Touch ID’s sensor.  Check the video below –

The second video is about the performance and quality comparison of Vkworld T1 Plus with iPhone 6s. Both the devices were held side by side. Then pictures and videos were taken. To be frank, both the devices produced images in different quality. In some pictures, T1 Plus looked good and in some iPhone 6 looked good. In the video, T1 Plus performed very well than iPhone 6s. Check the video below –

Now the Vkworld T1 Plus is available on pre-sale. The regular price is $139.99, but the pre-sale price is only $109.99. The Vkworld Anniversary offer is also going along with the pre-sale of T1 plus. Vkworld announced 100 free phones for lucky winners who buying phones in this anniversary cum pre-sale event. Check their pre-sale event here –


Finally, Vkworld also teased a news bit about their next smartphone Stone V3S, which is going to be released in October. They told it is going to be the world’s first Quadruple protection rugged phone. It comes with dust-proof, water-proof and shatter-proof. This is the next version of Vkworld Stone V3.

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