Hoverwatch Free Phone Tracker Review: Track Smartphone Anonymously

Do you remember the last time you forgot your smartphone in your friend’s house? Do you remember how much time you wasted searching it under your bed and the whole house? If you remember this, you might be in search of some tracking systems to attach on your phone. As it is not that much easy to attach such chips on our tiny devices, we should look into something else that can effectively keep in touch with your smartphone and tell you where it exactly at any time you want.

Hoverwatch is such a free phone tracker service that can keep eyes on your smartphones anywhere at anytime. All you have to do is to follow the three step process as given below.


After setting up the online account, you could access the service from any of your devices running on Windows, Mac or Android platforms. You will be able to monitor all recorded data with the Call, GPS and SMS phone tracker in your online account. This is the brief working of the Hoverwatch, and it is not enough to determine whether it is a good or bad service. So, we have a review of the service here where we list all of its major features alongside our verdict on the service. Having a look at it will give you a better idea about the Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch Free Phone Tracker Interface


After setting up the online account, this is how the main interface will look like. Here you could download the applications for various platforms with the guide on installing it. You could add as many devices as you want by clicking on the “Add Device…” button on the left panel. The number of the devices you can track at a time will be based on the subscription package you bought (Upto 5 devices.)

The interface is almost same in any platforms and has the same functionality. In between the installation, it will ask you to select any of the three options as track “My Kids Device,” “Employee Device,” and “My Own Device.” It allows you to manage and sort the devices effectively in case you have a large number of devices to track. So, the setup and maintenance of the Hoverwatch is quite simple.

Hoverwatch Free Phone Tracker Features

There are numerous features for the Hoverwatch service sliced differently according to the platforms you are using the service. But, for a quick review, we’ve listed the major features of the service. Have a look.

Remain Completely Invisible

As the modern generation is much smarter in the case of the technology devices and its operations, it is easy to get noticed that you are tracking them. But, the Invisible feature of the Hoverwatch allows you to be completely invisible when tracking the devices. There will be no fingerprints left on the smartphone to create doubt in your children’s or employee’s mind. You will be completely anonymous but will be completely recording all of their operations on the device. In case your smartphone is stolen or you forgot it somewhere, this feature can do some magic in helping you to get back your smartphone.

Geolocation Feature

GPS is something very useful in this era. Its uses are widespread from tracking your friend’s location to finding your stolen or lost smartphone. By utilizing this technology, Hoverwatch uses Wi-Fi signals, Cell towers, and GPS to track the location of the monitored device. This geolocation feature can help you recover your stolen or lost smartphones within a matter of minutes. So no more worry about losing your smartphones if you have this service installed on the device.

Track Calls, Messages, and Chats

Apart from just a phone finder solution, the Hoverwatch provides the features that track the complete calls, messages and chats on the device. It stores the messages sent using WhatsApp and Facebook mobile apps as well as keeping an eye on the call and message logs. Each and every attachment and text send using the chat apps will be stored on the device. Like that, it records every single outgoing and incoming call as well as all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user. So that, even if you don’t have the device, you are the supreme authority. 😉

Complete History of the Usage

Without splitting the features under many headlines, it is simply the complete tracker of your smartphone that records many histories including, Browsing history, Call history, SMS history, Apps history, Webcam photos, Skype chats and calls, and even the keystrokes! Thanks to the developers for providing such a long list of tracking features without putting your anonymity at risk.

Screenshots of the devices

In addition to other features, the Hoverwatch can capture the screen at any specific time as per the requirements of the users. So that, you can see the screen exactly like the smartphone users see it. It is a unique feature which we can’t see on other phone tracking apps or softwares.


  • Easy to use
  • Free version available
  • Complete anonymity
  • The entire device tracking
  • Screenshot feature


  • Not completely free


Hoverwatch is a complete smartphone tracker, in other words, a complete spy which always keeps eyes on your smartphones. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, the service is very user-friendly and has a lot of functions that guide you through the whole process. If you have this service installed on the smartphone or other platforms, you don’t need to worry about losing the device even if someone stole it. The full control will be in your hands all the time.

From our tests, the Hoverwatch was able to provide supreme privacy to the tracking as well as allowing to keep in touch with the device anywhere anytime. So that, we could easily recommend this to you if you are still in search of a smartphone tracker which could be easily installed and setup. Give it a try.

Hoverwatch Free Phone Tracker Review: Track Smartphone Anonymously
7.5 Overall
Value for money8


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