What Makes Google Pixel Special

Now, it’s an end to the Google‘s dependence on other companies for producing smartphones. With a tag line “Made by Google,” the Google Pixel is a top to bottom Google made product. Sweetening the release, Google also showcased the Google Pixel XL which is the larger brother of the basic Pixel. In the #madebygoogle event held in one of the Google offices, they officially announced the pixel by showcasing all of its features with the elegant built and some unique functions.

Google Assistant Built-in

As we already know that the Google Allo also known as Google Assistant is a breathtaking initiative from them, they are now trying to provide a wider world of accessing and controlling smartphones using your own voice. The new Pixel will come with the Google Assistant pre-installed that can completely control your smartphone over your voice. For example, if you say “Play a Song by Justine Bieber,” it will instantly play it from any of your favorite music services including Google Play Music or Spotify. It will be the first device with the Google Assistant built-in.

 The Next Level of Photography

Pixel will provide a terrific photography experience with the quality Google built camera. As per the DXOmark, a trusted evaluator of the smartphone and DSLR cameras and lenses rated the Pixel’s camera 89 that is the highest ever reading for a smartphone. The 12.3 MP rear-facing camera has many unique features including Smartburst (Let you capture a series of images and automatically choose the best one), HDR+ (For clearer and vivid pictures), Video Stabilization (For capturing videos without any gutters or shakes.

You will Never Run out of Storage

With the help of the Google Cloud, the device will provide a virtually unlimited amount of storage for your photos. So there will be no more need to search for an expansion drive or paid cloud storage services to store your valuable moments. The Google Cloud can store bot photos and videos of any size in any number as per your requirements. It is interesting to see such a catchy stuff in the first ever Google smartphone which is completely built by Google inside and out.

Easier Communication

Communication made easy with the Duo Video Calling service that let users communicate each other regardless of the operating system they use. Even if anything special to notice on the service, there will be still something exciting because it’s a Google product.

Virtual Reality Support

Pixel is made with the support for the mobile virtual reality experience with a unique function that Google named “Day Dream.” (Users can only benefit it with certain products including the VR headset made by Google.) It is a functionality made with co-operation with the that let you day dream using the VR where you could control objects like in the “Harry Potter” series. The virtual stick will be displayed on the screen which could be used to control thousands of pre-built scenes and locations. In addition, you will be able to travel to any part of the world with the help of the Google Stree View and many other Google Maps features.

So, these are the things that you can expect in the Google Pixel and its sibling, the Pixel XL. We will be updating more news about the product in coming days. So stay tuned.

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