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Creating avatars for your unimportant profiles will be always done using some cartoon characters. If you are one of them, you might take a look at the Cartoonify online cartoon avatar creator. It is a simple website where you could see a plot for applying your mouse clicking techniques to choose the body parts of the avatar. The screenshot of the workplace is given in the featured image of this post. Take a look at it to get a first impression on this very useful website which we found on the internet.

As you can see it has a quite simple interface where you could select the body parts above the shoulders and can also change the complexion. But the primary interface is a welcome screen with a gender selection screen as you can see in the below picture.


After selecting the gender, you will enter the screen where you could create the animation character. The interesting part of this website is the versatile tools that let you completely customize the character by doing various operations including, changing the face, eyes, hair, clothes and even background.

There is also an option to randomly generate an avatar without having to sweat. I tried numerous times clicking on the ‘Random’ button and generating different avatars. Most surprisingly, I couldn’t find any of the avatars repeating which indicates the capability of the tool with a vast variety of combinations. Users could also reset the editing to the default by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button. In addition, it also allows to share your creativity with your friends and can directly upload the created avatar to your ‘Gravatar‘ profile.

Here is a video that teaches you how to use the Cartoonify tool to create a stunning cartoon avatar online. This video explains everything, and you can easily understand the whole steps even you are a beginner in using such online tools.

After creating the avatar online, there is a button tagged ‘Download’ that allows you to download the image in three different formats like SVG (Vector Format), PNG (400×400), PNG (200×200) which is enough for such a free avatar creation tool. Here are some of my creations on the tool. Lol, I know they are not the best, but go and give a try.

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