Stack Airport Wi-Fi Networks and Their Passwords Inside your Phone with WiFox

Hanging out in the Airport in search of a Wifi network is a common thing for the travellers. Even after finding one, how to get its password? Trapped right? But wait! WiFox is an application for your Android or iOS devices that can store the username and password of thousands of major Wifi spots in hundreds of airports all around the globe. So the next time, you don’t have to carry your notepad and search it for the access credentials of a specific hotspot in the airport.

There is a $2 charge for the application in app purchases to start using it. After testing it in a couple of Airport hotspots, we found that it does what it made for. The pricing also looks pleasing for the good service it offers in emergency situations. As you know, using the mobile data in airports is far difficult than pulling a rock in the mountain slope. Most of the times, there will be no coverage for the networks inside the platform. So, the “Free Airport Wifi hotspots” are the only way to get connected to the internet. As they are free, it further increases our joy in using it. 😉

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The hotspot data including the credentials are crowdsourced from various trusted users and sources all around the world. There are options to Upvote and Devote Wifi hotspots and their credentials to help other users who are using the WiFox app. For example, if you found a credential that is no longer working for the hotspot or a hotspot that is no longer working, you could devote it on the application. It helps the developers to either fix or replaces it somewhere else or completely remove it from the database if needed.

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Once you found out the correct password for the hotspot, you can even copy them to your settings. So that it will automatically get connected to it once you reach the coverage. If you are a frequent traveller to a specific location from the same airport, you will be lucky as damn. Anyhow, go and give a try to this nice application and one thing we can say is it worths the 2 dollars.

Price: $1.99
Price: $1.99


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