How to Share Mouse and Keyboard between Computers

Ever faced a situation where you have no mouse and keyboard for the second PC? Whenever you needed something from that PC, you kept changing the ports frequently. If you feel it very irritating, here we have a method to help you share mouse and keyboard between computers. We use two softwares namely Microsoft Garage for sharing mouse and keyboard between two windows PCs and ShareMouse for sharing between either Windows or Mac systems.

Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage is an official Microsoft software that helps you to share the input devices between your computers. It let you share them between upto 4 devices at the same time. All you have to do is to connect to the same network either through wired or wireless connections and install the software on all the PCs. You will get security codes from the installation which could be used on all other computers that you have to use the mouse and keyboard of. For a quick idea, here are some of the features of the Microsoft Garage.

  • Remote control Upto 4 PCs on the network.
  • Hotkeys to switch or prevent mouse movement.
  • Automatic detection of connected systems.
  • IP Mapping.
  • Drag and Drop files and folders across the connected systems.
  • Password and username protection.
  • Copy anything including Text, Images, Videos across the connected devices.
  • Automatic configuration of the software.
  • Good performance without any lags.


On the other hand, the ShareMouse is nothing different from the above software but it can be also used for Mac computers. It also uses your network to connect the devices and share input devices. The connection could be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Another good feature we noticed on this software is it can automatically dim the unused displays if needed. It helps to save energy while the computers are not in use. You can also cancel sessions with a single click of a button.

  • Remote control the computers on the network.
  • Particular hotkeys to switch between the systems.
  • Can prevent accidental monitor switching.
  • Automatic monitor detection.
  • Can cancel the session with a single click.
  • Can dim inactive monitors if needed.
  • Password protection and AES encryption.
  • Drag and Drop files and folders between the connected systems.
  • Copy anything including Text, Images, Videos across the connected devices.
  • No configuration needed because the software automatically does all for you.
  • Flexible usage allows you to use the monitors like the extended monitors seamlessly.
  • The performance is quite good, and no lag or stuck screen were found.
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These mouse sharing and keyboard softwares can do wonders in your productivity. If you are a personal who working on multiple PCs at the same time, this can boost the productivity at a large scale. Recommend these free softwares to your friends also who are still in search for the best mouse and keyboard sharing programs for their workstations.

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