Huawei Honor 8 Live Updates

As we mentioned in our previous article, we are here at the Huawei Honor 8 launch event to cover the event for you. We will update this post as it progress. So, stay tuned to the article to get more details from the event.

Event started.

  • Honor President George Zhao on the stage.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-3
  • Huawei highly appreciated brand with no 72 in Interbrand and best sellers in Amazon and best recommended phone in amazon Russia.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-2
  • Light became the inspiration behind the design of Honor 8.huawei-honor-8-live-updates
  • Innovation is the DNA of Huawei.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-8

George Zhao (President of Honor)

  • Honor 8 is a flatback dual camera phone.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-7huawei-honor-8-live-updates-5
  • It features Dynamic light diffusion through 15 layered glass.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-6
  • Optimized for Low-light selfies. huawei-honor-8-live-updates-4
  • It’s a combination of Photography, Design, and Technology.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-9
  • Features Professional mode that allows full manual control on the camera.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-10
  • A comparison between Honor 8 and iPhone 7 Plus camera designs. Honor 8 gone for a flat design while iPhone 7 chose the camera Bump.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-11
  • First phone from Huawei to be manufactured in India “Holly 3”.huawei-honor-8-live-updates-12


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