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If you are a regular online shopper, you may not have the question what is Wish app? Wish app is an online shopping app with over 150 million users worldwide. Wish is actually a shopping mall in Europe and North America that offers great discounts on the products both online and offline. Within a matter of months, the app became and internet sensation in online shopping industry. Now millions of people get their products at the doorsteps using the Wish services.

So, we’ve decided to write a review of the Wish shopping app to let you know more about it in detail. In this review, we will be listing its features and functions alongside our final verdict which will be your key in making a final decision. The app got a great score of 4.5 from around 3,041,632 ratings. That doesn’t sound bad. Anyhow, let’s have a look at the Wish app review.

Wide variety of items

Nevertheless to say that the Wish app consists of millions of items ordered in different categories. Fashion, peripherals, accessories are all there for your needs. Like any other e-commerce giants like Amazon and Ebay, the Wish shopping app also has numerous features to serve the users. It is one of the fastest growing and one of the most downloaded shopping apps.


The UI design of the Wish app is very simple and easy to navigate. The simple grid-like structure gives a better look at their items and its details without having to sweat much. The process is also similar to other shopping apps and has nothing new to confuse you.

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Gift cards and Coupon Codes

Wish app free gift card and Wish app coupon code further reduces the price of the listed items. These type of offers and coupons are more active in festival seasons like in any other e-commerce websites.

Personalized feeds

Personalized feeds provide a list of items that suits your previous search history or your pre-set configuration. So that you don’t have to waste time searching your desired products among the millions of listed items. This is very helpful if you frequently shop online who need a personalized shopping wishlist.

Search and Filter options

As we’ve seen in many other online shopping applications, the search and filter options are very crucial in finding the exact match products. Luckily, the Wish app also includes this feature that allows you to either search for a specific product using its name or the filter out some items by setting particular filters. Thanks to the Wish Inc.

Good shipping service

Wish app shipping is very fast and reaches your doorsteps faster than any other services if you are living in Europe or North America. It never failed to deliver the packages at the time except in a few cases as we can see from the reviews on the play store. The wish app refund policy is also good as per the reviews of thousands of customers even a very few of them blaming the service.

Wish shopping app reviews by customers

Here are some of the user reviews on Wish app taken from the play store. Have a look at this Wish app reviews to get an idea about what users saying about it after using.

Wish App Pros

  • Low pricing of the listed items.
  • Good quality of the shipped products.
  • A huge list of available items.
  • Very user-friendly.

Wish App Cons

  • Some clothes are in Asian sizing which may be inappropriate for others.
  • Shipping is slow sometimes.


Wish app is a good solution and one of the best among the online shopping apps when in comes to the quality of the service and the low pricing on the listed items. Millions of users can’t be wrong all at a time. So, you should give a try to the app before spending too much on online shopping using the traditional high-priced online shopping apps. You could either visit their website or directly download the wish app APK from the play store or iTunes store for free.

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Wish App Review
8.5 Overall
Value for money9

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