ClickAdU Review: The Startup Cash Ad Network

Making money with ad networks isn’t easy, is it? They don’t have the kind of features you’re looking for, the rules and limitations aren’t quite user-friendly and stuff like that, yeah I’ve been there too.

So when I first came to know of ClickAdU, I was kind of skeptical about it. But trust me, couple days with it and I was sure I had to get this review going, share it with you guys.

Now hey of course, I’m trying to “sell” you the platform, but you don’t have to take my word for it, just go through this review and if you aren’t positive that it’s something you should be going for, then don’t. No one’s forcing, right?

What’s ClickAdU?

ClickAdU is an advertising platform, they offer their services both for Advertisers and Publishers and are grossing at over 70 Million impressions/day! (So, they’re doing good in other words).

So you can either be a website owner trying to make some cash out of your web, or an Advertiser who wants his web advertised.

Now what makes it special and unique is that, it doesn’t work like those Adsense or Sidebar ads which you normally see. They  are centrally focused on “background ads”, or “Pop-Under” ads as you might know them.

Didn’t get me? Ever seen websites which have ads “underneath” the web pages? Like you might not exactly see the ads but they’re there? Yeah, those are what I’m talking about.

What’s Unique?

As I said, Pop-Under Ads.

Now what’s unique is that, Adsense being the most popular Ad-serving platform, also is the most restrictive platform, and almost every other major ad serving platform out there goes with the same rules.

They do not allow Pop-under ads. But a recent study shows that Pop Unders are actually one of the most conversion optimized ads.

They do not screw up your visitors’ browsing experience as they popup once the visitor intends to close the webpage, that way they’ve already finished their job on your website, so that’s the most ideal time to serve up the ad isn’t it?

Positive Factors I Fell in Love With

You just getting started? Have negligible traffic? Other ad networks put you down? Well, ClickAdU won’t. In fact they’re almost focused on lifting the small guys up, anyone and everyone is welcome.

  • Traffic Requirement: There’s no minimum traffic requirement that’s what I meant to say.
  • Approval Time: Additionally, they have a 24hour approval thing. So unlike Adsense or other platforms, you don’t have to wait weeks to get approved.
  • Easy Installation: As soon as you login to your account, you get a simple HTML tag that you can put up on your site to get it verified, and once you’re site is verified, you get Javascript codes which you can implement on your blog and the ads would be up and running. Plain and simple.
    ClickAdU Ad Network installation on websites.

Vast Payout Options

ClickAdU Vast Payment Options

  • The other great thing about ClickAdU is that you won’t ever run out of options t get paid. They support almost all the major methods you might be comfortable with.
  • They support PayPal, Epese, Paxum, Payoneer, Wire-Transfers, Web-money and a lot many other options. So basically, I’m pretty sure you have atleast one of these, right?
  • If that’s not enough for you, maybe their minimum threshold might just grab the attention, you need to make just a minimum of $100 for the payout,  and considering their CPM rates,  it’s not that far off.
    ClickAdU CPM Rates

Advanced Statistics Info

ClickAdU advanced statistic info

Apart from Adsense, not a lot of sites have a good analytic system, right? I mean they don’t exactly reflect data in a an impressive way, well guess what, ClickAdU does.

There’s a graph, a time-frame, A profit indicator, so it’s simple and elegant at the same time, just the exact level where you get all the info you need, but aren’t too confused about it.

What’s not Allowed?

This being a review I’m bound to shed some light on what or who can’t join ClickAdU, right?

They’re more than liberal in accepting you, regardless of your zero traffic and new site-age, but still there are some rules you’ve got to follow.

All of the sites on ClickAdu are manually verified, so you need to make sure that your site isn’t about:-

  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Anything that isn’t suitable or legal for the general audience.


So if you ask me for a final verdict, I’d say it’s not as great as Adsense, and there’s no shame in admitting it.

But hey, Adsense is run by a billion dollar corporation, on the other hand ClickAdU is more of a small-level initiative to help the “not so big guys”, so comparing them isn’t the best option to judge it.

Instead, if you look at the easy approval, no-limit,  no minimum traffic required thing, I’d say it’s a much better option for the beginners. Also the CPM rates are pretty high compared to the other private ad-networks out there.

And it’s free to join! So hey, my verdict? If you’re just starting up and need some “keep me going cash,” this may be a better option.

Muhammed Swalih is a Blogger by profession who also has a great taste in Web Development, SEO, Graphic Designing, etc.

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