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SugarSync Review is one of the most searched terms on the internet. So, Today, we are going to provide the review of this cloud or online storage service for our readers. If you are in search of a good online storage service which is the best both in quality and the cheapness, this review might help you to compare SugarSync with other services. Being one of the leaders in the online storage industry, SugarSync already serving thousands of customers all around the globe. So, let’s have a look at the SugarSync review.

What is SugarSync?

As mentioned before, SugarSync is an online storage service made for backing up your files online. Unlike DropBox or other cloud storage services, SugarSync can copy your folders and files without affecting their hierarchy or structure. So that, you will be able to use them without having to create an extra structure for the backup. Once you synced your files on the cloud, you will be able to access them across your devices where you have the internet access. You could also seamlessly edit them online so that the files will be completely in your hands anytime anywhere.

You will be also able to share the files securely online. If you are working in a team and wanted to share some files for specific people by blocking access to others, SugarSync has the solution for you. You could invite specific people to access your files on the cloud, and any other will be blocked from it. You can also generate a public link to the file for sharing with the outer world.

In case, your credentials got lost or theft, the easy wipe feature of the service can wipe all your data within a click of a button. If you have multiple devices where you synced all your files, you could choose specific devices where the data to be erased. So, you will no longer need to be worried about losing your credentials to anybody else in the entire globe.

Features of SugarSync

Now, let’s have a quick look at the features of the SugarSync. Having a look at them will give you a better idea of the service

Acess from Any Device Anywhere

You can access the SugarSync cloud storage from any part of the world and from any device that has an internet connection. It will be no more a barrier accessing your favorite photos or important documents with the SugarSync. Explore a better easier world.

No Changes to the Folder Structure

The SugarSync can backup your files online exactly how they were on your computer. No folder or file structures will be affected or changed. This helps you to navigate throughout of the cloud storage without having to think twice. This feature is very favorable in case you have a very big list of files and folders organized for different purposes.

Good Transfer Speed

The transfer speed of the SugarSync online backup is noticeable. When compared to other cloud storage services, the SugarSync showed a little positive deviation in the transfer speeds. Either it is uploading or downloading, the transfer speeds were not affected at all.

Good Security to the files

The security of the files has an utter care in SugarSync. Even, users will be able to set specific permissions for the files and folders as well as they can block certain persons from accessing the storage. If you are working with a team, this might be very useful in your work.

Remote Data Wipe

In case any of the devices which has the SugarSync service stolen or lost. And if you are unable to recover it even after a lot of effort, no need to worry about the files inside the cloud storage. If you have the same copy of files anywhere in other devices or backup medias, you could easily wipe the data in your lost device within a click of a button. All the data stored in that lost device will be erased instantly, and the SugarSunc will block the access from that device.

Secure File Sharing

Sharing files in your cloud storage wasn’t easier. With SugarSync, you could seamlessly transfer or share your files with your friends, employees or even public. Like in any other cloud storage services like DropBox or Google Drive, you can generate a public link to the file which could be used by anyone to download it. But still, there is a certain amount of security to help you stay secure from automated attacks or hackers.

Various Plans

There are numerous plans available on the service varying based on the storage available. The plans are starting from 100GB, and you can get a virtually unlimited amount of storage by their custom plan (You have to pay a considerable amount of money for this.)


  • Easy to use.
  • Share files without changing the folder hierarchy.
  • Good security and specified access to the files and folders.
  • Remote Data wipe in case of theft.


  • There is a 300MB Upload limit in the SugarSync website.
  • It is not the cheapest cloud storage service out there.


SugarSync is a good service to consider for backing up your important stuff online. But when looking at the pricing, it may be a little difficult for the users to choose it. It is priced $7.49/month even for the 100GB package and ranging upto $55/month for the 1000GB. There is also a custom option available to choose in case you need a little higher amount of cloud storage for storing larger files.

To be honest, we are not satisfied with the pricing of the service, but the quality and the transfer speeds they are offering is high-class. We only recommend this to those who need a quality cloud storage service and no much care about the pricing.

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SugarSync Review
7.8 Overall
Quality of the Service9
Transfer Speed9
Value for Money6

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