ANEWKODI 2.4G+5G Dual Band 600Mbps Wireless Antenna Network Lan Card Review

ANEWKODI 2.4G+5G Dual Band 600Mbps Wireless Antenna Network Lan Card is a good product from the company with dual channel Wifi connectivity. It supports both 2.4 and 5G channels with upto 600Mbps of transfer rate. When compared to the normal wireless network LAN cards, this product has a little better advantage in terms of the distance it can cover and the signal strength throughout the area. It can connect numerous devices at the same time including Smartphones, TV Boxes, Projectors, Notebooks, Computers, etc.

The design of the product is very nice, but the antenna consumes a little more space when compared to other small Wifi adapters that just looks like a flash storage device. But it is to make the signals reach a maximum possible distance and to provide almost same signal strength throughout the coverage. While the normal wireless adapters can only cover up to 300 meters, this device stands a chance for a better-connected environment throughout your house or workplace.


The device is coming with a detachable antenna which is the main part that enhances the Wifi signals. You could turn it in any direction as per the requirements. The signals are so strong that you will be able to enjoy the same signal strength throughout the apartment or office. If you are facing connectivity issues due to less power wireless adapters or losing connectivity as you go far from the Wifi enabled PC or device, this is a must try next time you are trying to access any Wifi device.

The Golden finish is all over the ANEWKODI Wireless Antenna Network LAN Card to avoid any damages like corrosion. It also gives a nice look to the product by enhancing the overall design. Other parts are made of high-quality materials to resist small pressures and accidental drops to the ground. Even there is nothing special to notice in the first look, it does stand a chance for a second look due to the high-performance it provides in outputting good quality Wifi signals.anewkodi-wireless-antenna-network-lan-card-review-3

The product can be used for various purposes including connecting to your Projectors to project some movies, connect to your TV for some sort of streaming or other things, connect to DVB box for the related operations and file sharing, with smartphones and tablets for file transfer or other type of Wifi related purposes, and to other laptops or computers for sharing the files or building a home network. The data transfer speed through the device is very nice and no hassles even after hours of continuous usage can be found.

This makes it a complete fit for both home and office usage. The small size helps to carry it anywhere without having any problems. The easy installation process also makes it user-friendly. As it can also stream online games using the 5GHz band, it is also favorable for the gamers who spend hours on their favorite games each day. Movie lovers can stream HD movies to any of their devices without worrying about the connection speed. No stuck windows or flashy screens will be there if you are using this wireless LAN card.


If you need to upgrade your current Wifi adapter to a better one with good coverage and powerful signal all over the area, the ANEWKODI 2.4G+5G Dual Band 600Mbps Wireless Antenna Network LAN Card is a must try. The product is priced $19.58 and available with free shipping to the major cities. The pricing seems explainable for the features it provides and the quality of the product. If you would like to avail this wireless antenna LAN card, you could do that from the following link.

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Deal price: $14.99

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