Wondershare Filmora (v7.8.0) Review

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software available for windows and mac that is simple and effective for video editing needs. Even there are no advanced features as we’ve seen on professional video editing softwares, the Filmora is one of the best fits for the basic video editing needs. For the beginners who feels trapped in the professional dashboards of video editors, this is a shelter from the Wondershare. It stacked all the essential functions needed to generate a pleasing video by using your poor skills in video editing.

As we’ve reviewed many video editing softwares recently, now we are into the Wondershare Filmora which is now available in its newest form (v7.8.0.) With added features and bug fixes, we could expect something better when compared to the previous releases. Anyhow, let’s have a look at the Wondershare Filmora (v7.8.0) Review and decide whether it worth a try or not.

What’s New?

Instead of repeating the features that we’ve already described in the review of the existing version of the software, here are the brand new features in the in the fresh release.

UI Modifications

Like in any new Filmora release, this version is also coming with some improvements in the UI. We noticed some modifications for the popup windows as well as a few changes to the overall interface. The popup windows turned even easier to control and equipped with some extra buttons for better functions.

Advanced color tuning features

The Filmora (v7.8.0) is coming with the added color tuning features that let you completely control the Temperature, Tint, Lights, HSL, Vignette and more in your videos. The previous version had no such advanced features to completely control the colors.

Added color presets and supports loading 3D LUTs

The Filmora team included 45 different color presets in the new version to make it easier to control the video colors. So that, you don’t have to spend time on manually tuning the color of videos and images. In addition, it also supports loading 3D LUTs.

Pan and Zoom feature

To effectively customize animation for still images, the Pan and Zoom features are added. Instead of satisfying with the traditional boring effects, this might be a good alternative to produce stunning projects.

Better Customization of Text effects

The new version allows you to customize the text effects by changing animations, font, size or color. So, you will be able to produce a virtually unlimited number of variations of text effects.

New transition modes

Without affecting the total duration of the two clips, you can now add new transition modes to the projects. The durations will be automatically adjusted to meet the same total duration of the existing clips. In other video editing softwares, inserting transitions in between the clips usually affect the total duration. But, the improved Filmora is different.

New Magnetic Timeline

The new Magnetic Timeline makes texts, effects, and overlays bound up with clips on the main video track. So, once you move the clips manually or accidently along the timeline, the texts, effects, and overlays will no longer misplace.

Better Webcam adjusts

If you usually record videos from your webcam, the new Wondershare Filmora can help you in adjusting the frame rate and resolution for better outputs. It will help to get better videos even without editing it using an extra software.

Added Arabic Localization

The new version will be likely for Arabians. The Arabic localization makes it favorable for the people who has difficulties in using it in English. If you are an Arabian, you can have some fun with your own language.

Better Performance and Bug Fixes

The new version of the Filmora is coming with improved performance and known bug fixes. There was some performance issues in the previous versions. From our tests, we found that the performance is slightly improved.

What’s Old?

If you missed our previous review of the software, here is a quick look back at the existing features of the software.

Basic Features

  • Frame By Frame Preview: Navigate between frames seamlessly with effective control.
  • Speed Control: Control the speed of the video files to get a better control over it and even to produce slow-motion clips.
  • Play In Reverse: Reverse playback helps you to create stunning clips out of your action videos.
  • HD Support: Supports HD input and output of the video files in all major formats. So, no more need to satisfy on the low-quality visuals.
  • Transitions: Hundreds of built-in transitions makes it easier to add transitions between clips.
  • Audio Separation: Separate the Audio and Video file and align or rearrange them as per your preferences.
  • GIF Support: Unlike many other video editing softwares, Filmora coming with the GIF support that allows to Import, edit, and export animated GIFs.
  • Audio Mixer & Equalizer: Mix and Equalize audio without depending an extra audio editing software.
  • Social Import: Directly import media from numerous social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.

Advanced Features

  • Advanced Text/Title Editor: Hundreds of text/title effects are included in the software so that you don’t have to build a custom title or introduction using any other softwares.
  • Picture in Picture (PIP): It allows to place multiple videos or movies in the same frame to diversify your existing clips.
  • Screen Recording: Record your screen seamlessly using the screen recording feature.
  • Video Stabilization: Stabilize the action videos like bicycle riding or a moving train to output a smoother vivid clip.
  • Split Screen: Include multiple videos on the same screen by splitting them.
  • Green Screen: Record a video in front of a green screen and enjoy changing the background to anything you want.
  • Tilt Shift: Stylize your videos by adding some tilt and shift.
  • Scene Detection: The smart Filmora can scan the whole clip for scene changes and split them differently to make your video editing tasks simpler and effective.

Easy Mode: If all of these seems difficult to you, there is an Easy Mode available on the software where you have to do nothing more than clicking some buttons to output stunning videos.

Share all with your Friends: In Filmora, there are numerous options to showcase your creations to the outer world.

Filmora Channel: Filmora Channel is a great addition outside the software that helps the Vloggers and YouTube creators to create professional videos using the software.


  • Improved User-Friendly Interface
  • Improved Animated Text editor
  • Social Sharing
  • Pre-built effects and filters
  • Advanced color tuning
  • Added Arabic Localization


  • Uses a little high amount of resources during render or other operations.


Wondershare Filmora is undoubtedly one of the best video editing softwares available on the market that now got even better with the latest release. We recommend this for those who are into video editing and not planning to step into the most advanced video editing world. The software is helpful for all middle-level video editing like adding effects, applying filters, animating text, and even editing audio. So, it is more than enough for the basic video editing needs.

It costs $39.99 for the yearly license and $59.99 for the lifetime. There is also multi-user licenses available with discounts. If you are planning to buy it, you could do that from the following link.

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Wondershare Filmora (v7.8.0) Review
8.7 Overall
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    lightthrower Oct 23, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    There’s a new bug though, if you delete the picture track, it also deletes the text track 🙁

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