PCB Design: How To Create Circuit Boards

PCB Designing is not much harder as it used to be. There are numerous softwares available on the market that can help you successfully develop the design of circuit boards. In every aspect, they support you by making the tasks simpler and generating a precise design of the circuit. Today we have a software namely Altium to introduce to you. Some of you may already know this leading PCB design software that has some extra juice. If you don’t know what it does and how you could benefit from it to produce circuit boards, here is a simple guide.

What is Altium Designer?

Altium Designer is a software that created to help people to design PCB or Printed Circuit Boards. As the engineering is known to be an essential fact in building a technology world, the PCB designs do stand a chance in the critical area. A simple mistake can lead to the destruction of an entire product or an industry. Here comes the need of a perfect design which is the root of anything. To produce such great designs, the Altium developers put forward this software.

Using Altium, users could innovate things that are far beyond expectations. With the simplicity that never compromised the needs, Altium stands out of the crowd over the past years. The effortless design automation made the tasks simplest. With over 300,000 ready-to-use components, the PCB design could never be imagined in a better way. The 3D visualization feature puts your designs to the real life examples which give additional confidence in the designs.

If you are one of those who needs ease in the electronic design, the Altium will be one of the best choices you can make. The effortless design process and easy team collaborations further help you to be the top of the industry. It not only a tool to just design the circuits. But it does something unique by putting the designs to the real visuals in 3D. The flexibility of the software is also noticeable where others don’t seem to be well enough to compete with it. So, these all makes the Altium the perfect solution to create circuit boards.

Some of the noticeable features of the Altium is given below. Have a look at them to get a quick idea about what Altium can do for you.

  • Intelligent Document Automation
  • Offline Design System
  • Streamlined Design Rule Editor
  • Hole Tolerance Definitions
  • PADS® Logic Exporter
  • Integrated Tasking Pin Mapper
  • Enhanced Pin Length Definitions
  • Net Color Synchronization
  • Technology Aware XSignals Wizard
  • 3D Step Model Generation Wizard
  • Component Placement System
  • Visual Clearance Boundaries
  • Alternative Part Choices
  • Test Point Clearance Check
  • Expansion of Solder Mask from Hole
  • XDX Designer Importer
  • Cypress Capsense
  • Support for Rectangular Pad Holes
  • Solder Mask Expansion Enhancements
  • True Variant Enhancements
  • And a lot more

These are just a few features of the software. You could find out the full feature list from here. Or can directly try from the button below.

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