Don’t Miss these Chances to Get Bluboo Picasso 4G And Bluboo Mini for less than $10

As we mentioned in our previous article, annual Global Sources Fair in Hong Kong ended successfully where Bluboo showcased all the 4 flagships, Bluboo Picasso 4G, Bluboo Mini, Bluboo Edge and Bluboo Dual. Many people who attended the event already booked the devices from the show itself. The devices attracted much user attention with their good design and a nice set of hardware parts. The Picasso 4G was the best attraction which comes with a faster 4G connectivity. Following this, Bluboo has started the presale of the Bluboo Picasso 4G and the Bluboo Mini.


As per the company, the devices will be released on October 25th. So, the mysteries regarding the smartphone release date has ended now. In the presale, you could avail the Picasso 4G for $79.99 and Bluboo Min for $49.99. It is not a bad offer for the budget lovers. Even if the specs are high-end, the smartphones still power pack some good hardware for average usage. The design is also looking good. Even though the design of the Picasso 4G looks even better when compared to the other.


Sweetening the device pricing, there will be another flash sale where the prices will be even lowered as $69.99 for the Bluboo Picasso 4G and $39.99 for Bluboo Mini. Only one could avail the offer. As a bargain, another sale where the price will be low as 90% will also be there. This offer will make these Bluboo devices available for less than $10 for Bluboo Picasso while $6.99 for Bluboo Mini. You could reach the promotion page from the following link.

Here are some of the pictures of the released devices which will give you a first look at them. You could visit our previous Bluboo articles to know more about them.


Picasso 4G


Bluboo Mini


Bluboo Edge


Bluboo Dual


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