Top 5 Jio Faqs

Reliance Jio is nothing less than a revolution in the Indian Telecom industry. With its great free data and call offers, Jio attracted millions of users within no time. So today, we have decided to write some frequently asked questions about the Jio sim card. This will help you to clear doubts regarding the sim card and the service. So, have a look at the Top 5 Jio Faqs.

#1. Can I Buy Reliance Jio Sim Card Online, and How?

At present, you will not be able to buy Reliance Jio sim cards online. The sim cards will be sold exclusively through the Jio outlets. But you could download the form from their website. After having the form and filling out the details, download the MyJio app and find the nearest Jio center. It has a map feature to navigate you throughout the path so that it won’t be difficult to find one outlet.

#2. What is the Price of Reliance Jio Sim Card?

The Reliance Jio sim card is available with the LYF mobile with unlimited data. But it will not come with the device, but you have to visit the nearest Jio center to grab one. For other mobiles, the sim card costs nothing actually. But some sellers and retailers charging some money from the customers. So, the price may vary according to the center where you bought the sim card.

#3. Jio Barcode Shows Redeemed. What can I do Now?

If you got the message saying the Jio Barcode Redeemed, you have to contact the Jio center or their customer care with the details including Your Barcode No, Mobile Handset Model, IMEI No, You Name, Existing Mobile No, etc. They will look into the problems and will help you as soon as possible. As the demand for the sim card is very high, it may take a little long to get your problem fixed.

#4. Can I use Activated Jio Sim on Other Devices?

In most of the cases, the Jio sim card will only work on the same device where it activated. It captures the IMEI number of the device and locks the sim card to support on the same device only. But there are also some rumors that the sim card is working on other devices for few users. There is a myth that the device which the Jio sim inserted will only work with that sim. It is wrong, and we personally tested it.

#5. I Got Only 2GB Data as Preview Offer, Why?

Reliance currently offers the unlimited 4G data to the LYF users only. Other users will initially get 2GB data as the preview offer. After exceeding the usage, users will receive a welcome offer Unlimited 4G trial for 3 months. (4GB high speed and after that 128kpbs.)


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