How to Hack WiFi

Using someone else’s Wi-Fi is very alluring especially if their internet is fast. You get to use their network and enjoy accessing the web without paying a single cent. There are methods that you can use to hack into a Wi-Fi network so that you get to enjoy it.

Before we begin, it’s important that we state that this is a tutorial just to show you that it can be done. It’s also meant to guide you on how to better secure your password. In no way are we encouraging you to go hack people’s WiFi networks. This act is punishable under certain laws in different countries. Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s begin.

Wi-Fi Security Types and Requirements

There are 3 types of security methods as far as Wi-Fi is concerned. You can choose to either use WEP, WPA or WPA 2. WEP is the easier of the 3 and is best to avoid if you’re looking to truly secure your network. You also need to realize that there are different methods that you can use to hack a Wi-Fi network. We shall focus on using WiFiPhisher and command prompt (cmd) to achieve our goals. Here we go:

Using Command Prompt (cmd)

  1. The first step of this process involves you opening command prompt via the windows + r shortcut>cmd>then enter.In command prompt type in the command
  2. In command prompt type in the command
    netsh wlan show network mode=bssid
  3. Typing this command will give you a list of all the available Wi-Fi networks in your proximity. What you need to do now is type in
    netsh wlan connect name=(name of the Wi-Fi)
  4. The command will connect you to the network, if you want to disconnect just type in
    netsh wlan disconnect.

Using WiFiPhisher

This tool doesn’t use brute force to get the details. It’s a security tool that does best with WPA networks as it mounts automated and fast phishing attacks on the network. This allows it and you to get the Wi-Fi credentials faster. It’s a great method for those trying to hack WAP networks.

The tool normally uses 3 phases to gain credentials and hack the Wi-Fi. Detailing all of these 3 phases will be long, pointless and complicated. In brief, this tool gets the credentials by deauthenticating the user from the original access point.

It then makes them join a rogue access point and made to provide their Wi-Fi details via a realistic fake page that prompts them to do so. In order to make this method a success. A Kali Linux OS, as well as an External Wi-Fi adapter, are needed.

As said earlier, this is not meant to encourage you to hack. If this has scared you, don’t be. There are ways to secure your Wi-Fi network and keep you safe. Here are some tips to make your network safer:

Tips to Follow to secure your WiFi connection

  • Change your password frequently about twice every week if possible
  • Don’t use simple passwords. This is obvious and is the case for any password you use. Don’t use simple phrases. Make the password long and incorporate special symbols.
  • You can also place a shell script on your router (if the router allows that). This limits the number of times the client can authenticate themselves.
  • Finally, you can also hide your SSID or disable the SSH/telnet to your router.

Follow these tips to make your online use safe.


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