Keyword Hub is a Nice AdWords Alternative

Keyword research is an essential factor to get ranked and to stay at the top of the search engine results. A low competition keyword that has a huge search volume can bring eye bulging traffic to your website. So, most of the bloggers or even business owners used to do keyword research on the AdWords which is one of the best products made by Google for the advertisers to find the most suitable ads for their business. The service was good, and it provided good results for a long time.

But, recently, Google took a strict decision to stop providing the exact search volume for free. Which means, it will only show the exact search volume for those who pay Google by running ad campaigns. It was really a bad news for the bloggers and everyone that used to do keyword research on the Adwords. So, we’ve found many alternatives for AdWords, both in the form of websites and softwares. Keyword Hub is one of them which is a website that provides search volume of keywords for absolutely free of cost.

We tested it many time using numerous keywords and compared the results with some professional websites and services. It was pretty accurate and showed only a little deviation in the results. Even though the amount of information provided is very little and it only includes the details like Search Volume, Competition, CPC, and Trend. For a free tool which is very effective and accurate, it is quite manageable.

There are so many filters on the website which users could alter to get filtered search results. It includes Language based, and Country based filters to target a specific audience. Both the Bing and Google keyword volumes could be grabbed from the website differently. But from our tests, the Bing metrics wasn’t that accurate as the Google metrics. So, we recommend this tool as the alternative for the Google AdWords only.


In addition to the keyword volume metrics, the website also features a keyword generator that performed very well in our case. It has a great algorithm that finds thousands of low competition keywords with high search volumes. You could sort them out based on the Volume, CPC, Competition, etc. so that to get the exact results. The amount of generated keywords was amazing. In this section also, there are filter options like language, locations, etc. Also, you can specify the keywords that you want to include or exclude in the process.

So, summing up all the features and the quality of the service, the Keyword Hub is a quite good AdWords alternative that you could depend on in the feature. As it is completely free to use and has no hassles in the usage, it worths a try. You could visit their website from the following link. Let us know your experience also through your comments.

Visit Keyword Hub Website
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