OnePlus 3T will come with a Snapdragon 821 and Dual Cameras

Well, Christmas definitely seems to be coming way early these last few weeks. Either that or Santa is in a particularly good mood. Why I don’t know nor particularly care as long as the goodies keep rolling in! Well, scuttlebutt has it that One Plus might be working on a dual camera setup for its upcoming flagship. No, not the time to break into song and dance yet cos the rumor is still unconfirmed. But suggested specs are still pretty far out and in line with other recent flagships from the major heavyweight brands.

The One Plus 3T as it is allegedly known comes packing a mighty Snapdragon 821 chip for when the going gets heavy, tasking and mean. And the aforementioned dual camera setup for taking smashing pictures of you and possibly your ancestors also. Other reports on the specs are still unknown but we trust mighty awesome, or we are definitely suing One Plus!

This comes after unconfirmed reports that One Plus might have ceased production of the 3’s and was working on another version due to the seeming unavailability of AMOLED displays. While the company founder Carl Pei has previously claimed that AMOLED was the way of the future, the sad reality might be stubbornly different as manufacturing smartphones for sustained periods for the masses is unsustainable due to rapid stock exhaustion. However, the One Plus 3T is still believed to come provisioned with an AMOLED screen, coupled with up to 128GB of internal storage.

Rumors have long abounded on the company manufacturing a dual camera setup in line with trends. The One Plus 3T might therefore be a fulfillment of that, fanciful wishing or it might be something else entirely. A consolation: One Plus has pledged to resolutely retain its famous unibody design for its iconic smartphones and the dash charge capability. Thanks One Plus!


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