Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Features a Snapdragon 821

Well, the year just got a little bit more confusing or way exciting depending on your mindset. With the market long flooded by smartphones of various makes, brands, configurations and prices, the Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has just unleashed another of its premier device. Its supposed to bewitch, enchant and make you impervious to the likes of Samsung and that chewy, green apple. And like other Xiaomi products, this one promises to be premium speced and yet relatively cheap as compared to its Western competitors. No wonder Xiaomi has been widely breaking sale records, bank vaults and smashing their way into people’s hearts into the bargain!

Specs? Oh yes. A 5-inch 2k QHD leads the team out. This will be manufactured by LG not by Samsung of the exploding grenades. Is eye candy cranked way up high like that really necessary? Well, dip into your pocket and go find out for yourself.

The display will additionally sport a force touch or 3D touch interface long popularized by the apple pie club of the iPhone 6s and siblings. A finger print sensor might or might not feature on the display. But omitting such a feature consumers have since fallen in love with and vociferously demanded would not be very smart for Xiaomi.

The Mi Note 2 will also have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 under the hood breathing fire and brimstone. Storage options will be configurable and up to the users’ taste. Ranging from 4GB of RAM to up to 6GB. And 64GB to 128GB of internal memory. Does it have external SD card support? We do not know yet but will keep you informed when we do.

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Battery capacity will be a massive 4100MAH with quick charge 3.0 support over the now almost industry standard Type-C port. Like most of the premier smartphones currently on offer, it will feature top-class camera setups. These being one 23MP Sony IMX318 plus a selfie optimized 12MP Sony IMX378 on the face. And oh, it will have an iris scanner so you can look magnificently geekly cross-eyed all the time!


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