5 Best Golf Games for Your Android Phone

Anyone would want to take the time to play some golf and just unwind. However, not everyone has the time to go out to the golf course and play. Not only that, club memberships can be expensive. It is a good thing that today, with the latest technology, you do not need to go out under the sun nor pay expensive membership fees to play golf. All you need is your mobile phone, and you are set to go. You can play anytime and anywhere with your phone. Not only that, you can learn the right skills on how to make the perfect swing. In this post, we will look at five of the best golf games for android phones.

#1. Golf Star

This app will amaze you. You get to choose a golfer and change his looks according to your preference. As you play and as you win the games, you get the chance to rank as number one. The graphics are great, and you will surely enjoy it. You can practice your golfing skills even if you’re playing with your mobile phone because the game requires you to have the techniques and the skills of real golfers. This is an awesome game you will surely love.

Price: Free+

#2. King of the Course Golf

You can play this game not only on your mobile phone but also for your tablet as well. The game’s graphics are stunning. Your gaming experience with the King of the Course Golf will surely run smoothly. There are also many characters to choose from.

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#3. All of Golf Championship

This is a game you are sure to love because you don’t need to be connected to the internet to be able to play the game. All of Golf Championship can be played on any Android phone. You can play this while you’re at home, while having a break at your office, or when you’re out camping. You don’t need Wi-Fi or any internet connection to enjoy a game of golf.

Price: Free+

#4. Mini Golf Stars 2

This game will surprise you with its locations. You get to play golf on top of a volcano. Imagine that! You also get to choose from four unique kinds of courses. Your golfing experience has just gotten better. So if you have wanted to play golf in the most exciting and exotic locations, you can do it now with Mini Golf Start 2.

Price: Free+

#5. Let’s Golf! 3

This game is one that you can enjoy for free. But if you want additional features of the game, you have options for in app purchases. Every day, you get to play five holes for free. If you want to play some more, you can buy energy boosts. Not only that, you can create your avatar, challenge your friends, and beat your opponents.


The five games we have discussed in this post are just among the best games you can play with your mobile phone. Now, you don’t need to go out to play a game of golf. You also get to connect with your friends so you can play with them and beat them with your top score. You will surely enjoy these games on your mobile devices.

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