THL P1 Wristband – A new Chinese smart band in the market

THL was once a front-runner in the Chinese Smartphone Industry. After some hardships, nearly after a year, they released a new device. This time it is not Smartphone, it’s a smart wristband named P1 Wristband. Chinese smartphones and smartwatches are the most affordable in price when comparing to other countries. So, we are having a look on the features of this less known P1 Smart Wristband.

Being a wristband, it has a dial which makes it look like a Smartwatch. The dial looks pretty cool with minimal design. There is a shiny bezel around the dial. It is certified with IP67 water resistant which assures that the device won’t get damage in case of exposing to water in a splash or in a shower.

It has an 85mAh battery with 15 days standby time. The magnet charger given for charging this battery is faster than the USB charger. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity enables the wristband to connect to smartphones or tablets having iOS 7.0 or higher versions and Android 4.4 OS or higher versions.

Coming to the features, which is the main part of a smartband or a smartwatch, P1 Wristband includes the following features – Heart rate monitor, exercise heart rate, sports smart track, Auto sleep tracking, Reminder, call and message notifications, calorie check, Alarm, Anti-theft, remote camera operating etc.

All of the data will be collected in a synchronized app with 7 days 24 hours memory mode. The collected data can be viewed anytime. This band is available in three different variants – Black, Rose, and Gold.

P1 Smartband from THL is available now in Gearbest for just $29. This is a cheap priced wristband with all standard features. If you are looking for a smartwatch or smartband, you can check this out.

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