Zanflare F1 LED Flashlight Review: Buy one Get one Free and More offers

In the dark, a flashlight is one of the most essential things. If you have one, the darkness is no more a problem. So, here we are introducing the Zanflare F1 LED Flashlight which is a life saver in darkness. With its intense light and powerful body, the flashlight could be the best gadget in your pocket. It can reach upto 1000Lumens that is enough for the long range vision from this small device. The lightweight body makes it possible to carry it in your pocket effortlessly all the time.

Talking about the design, the product is a circular one with a rough finish covering most of the body made with the Aero grade aluminum material. It helps to enhance the grip of the product as well as providing a nice look. The light edge is smoothened, and a removable screw-like end is there which is common in flashlights. Another good thing we noticed in this device is the holder which could be easily put on pockets and bags without risking the accidental drops. It feels so comfy in the pockets and doesn’t affect the travel ease at all.


It is protected from the overheating, utilizing the advanced hardware inside. Even after hours of continuous usage, the Zanflare F1 LED Flashlight was so cool. It also comes with the Reverse Polarity Protection to add extra capability as a flashlight. A power indicator is placed on the side to indicate the charging of the product. So that users will be able to determine the charging effectively.

Most importantly it is protected from external wet damages and is passed IP-68 waterproofing. Built with an intelligent circuit, the product can last longer when compared to normal flashlights available in the market. The high efficient LEDs used can provide a lifespan of over 50000 hours. Users can control the light as per the requirements to produce a customized intensity. There are 7 different modes of light intensity available on the flashlight including the SOS signal system.

The device passed many toughness tests including a truck driven over it, put on the waterfalls, put inside a water bowl, etc. It passed all the tests successfully as you can see in the following video produced by the company itself. If they true their words, it might be a perfect tough flashlight that you can afford.

Sweetening the features there is a flash sale conducted by the company available on the Gearbest store. There are chances to get one product for free with the purchase of one flashlight alongside many other deals and discounts. It is priced $39.99 now, and the promotions will last from November 1st to 18th. You could also win many products such as a Xiaomi Vaccum Cleaner, VIOFO Camera DVR, JXD Quadcopter, etc. There are also huge offers of utpo 85% while buying this flashlight with other products.

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