Top 5 Best Camera Apps for Android Smartphones 2016

Cameras are an important gadget. However, they can be too bulky. It is a good thing that today, our smartphones can be turned into a great camera as well. It is very convenient and very easy to carry. If you want more than what your phone’s camera has to offer, that’s no problem. There are many apps today that you can simply download and use. Let’s look at the top five best camera apps for Android smartphones and the features that you can enjoy while using them.

#1. BestMe Selfie Camera

This is an app that you can use for free. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to get the best selfies with this app. BestMe Selfie Camera has many features including selfie stick support, blur effects, emojis and vignettes, stickers, as well as real-time filters. You’ll be sure that you’ll be sharing the best selfies on your social media profiles using this app.

BestMe Selfie Camera
Price: Free

#2. Camera MX

This app is one of the older apps out there, but it is still popular among users. It has many features including support for 16:9 aspect ratios, scene modes, Live Shot mode, and many others. You can also make use of different video and photo editing tools, allowing you to adjust the temperature, saturation, contrast, rotation, and brightness. You will have a great time capturing the best shots as well as editing them with the Camera MX.

#3. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the most famous camera apps out there. It is fairly new, yet it already has over a hundred million installs. With this app, you have the choice of many filters. You can simply swipe to choose which one you want. It also has many different editing tools including lipstick and concealer options. Not only that, but you can also make use of the collage mode and stickers. It’s one of the most decent and easy to use camera apps that you can download.

#4. Cardboard Camera

Yet another free camera app, the Cardboard Camera is one of the most competent apps that can give you 360-degree photos. You’ll surely enjoy taking 360-degree photos with this app. Along with this app is a gallery where you can view your photos is 360. Now you can capture the full picture when it comes to landscapes and great group photos.

Cardboard Camera
Price: Free

#5. Open Camera

You’ll enjoy using this camera app because it is totally free, open source, and you don’t have to worry about the ads distracting you. It has a wide variety of features including voice controls, specialized shots, manual controls for the camera, and auto-stabilization. This app is surely one of the most reliable camera apps that you can find.

Open Camera
Price: Free

Now you have five choices for the best camera apps for your Android smartphones. Take the time to try them out so you’ll see which ones will fit your needs best. They all can be used for free. They have the best features for your selfies and group photos. There is certainly a camera app that will provide you with the features that you are looking for.


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