Top 5 Best Caller ID Apps for Android Smartphones

Which one is the best caller ID App?

Many of us have experienced unexpected calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes, we forget to register the numbers of our friends or our acquaintances that’s why we get calls or messages from unknown numbers. There are also times that the calls are sales calls and we don’t usually want to entertain them just about anytime. There’s a solution for that now. There are many apps today that can help us in identifying the numbers that are calling us or sending us messages. There are also options to block them so that we won’t be disturbed by them anymore. In this post, we will look at five best caller ID apps for Android smartphones.

#1. Truecaller

Truecaller has a caller ID option as well as the Call Blocking option. You don’t have to worry about ads either because it has no advertisements. The app presents you with a widget, allowing you to see your calls history. This is certainly one of the best apps out there with over 40 million downloads already. That’s a lot of satisfied users.

#2. CIA

CIA stands for Caller Identification App. What this app does is when you receive a call from someone whose number is not registered, you still get to see their details such as their name and address. It even gathers information such as the caller’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. With CIA, you can also assign numbers as spam so you can block them. Now you don’t have to wonder who’s calling you.

#3. Mr. Number

This app has one of the most effective call blocking and text blocking options today. You have the option to block numbers of a certain person, or a particular area code anywhere in the world. This is great for those who don’t want to be disturbed by telemarketers and other sales calls. Mr. Number has been a recipient of many awards for this App category.

#4. CallApp

This is another award-winning app. It is very comprehensive, it has the ability to give you information of the unknown caller calling you. As for you contacts, the app can update it with social pictures as well as information from social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Not only will you see the photo of whoever is calling you, you will also see their latest information update on their social media profiles.

#5. Contactive

With this app, you get to acquire information from many different sources such as social media sites. You will surely know who is calling you even if the number is not registered in your phone. Contactive’s Global Directory has over 600 million information and names, making sure that you will know who is calling you or texting you.

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Now you won’t have any trouble wondering about the number that called or texted you. All you need to do is pick the app that suits you best, and download it. You won’t have to second guess who’s calling you with these apps. You can even block the ones that are spammy or annoying. Filtering the calls and messages has never been this easy.


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