Top 5 Best Simulation Games for Android Smartphones

You’ll have a great time playing simulation games on your phone. Especially today when there are so many to choose from already. With these simulation games, you get to go through the game as one of the many characters. In this post, we’ll help you in choosing the best simulation games for Android smartphones.

#1. Jurassic World: The Game

If you enjoyed the movie, you’d surely enjoy the game as well. With Jurassic World, you get to delve deep into the world of dinosaurs. You can even build your own park and battle with other players. Not only that, you can even experiment and create your own breed of creatures for your park. You’ll surely love this game.

#2. Godus

If you like playing good, you’ll have fun with this game. You get to build and oversee everything that you have created. You will also fill your world with people. These people will then grow. You can even choose to smite them or spare them. You will have all the powers to rule over your world. But with that much power, how will you use it? You can do possibly anything with it!

Price: Free+

#3. Goat Simulator

This is a rather simple but funny game. Not only that, but it has also become very popular. With the game, you get to play as a goat where you get to do things like smash things up or just simple things like eating grass. You’ll do just about any funny and ridiculous thing that you can imagine by playing as a goat.

Goat Simulator Free
Price: Free+

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#4. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is something like Godus where you get to build your city bottom up. But this game is different from its cousin, the Sims Free Play. In this game, there are no avatars. But you get to build the city where they will live. You also get to build the industries such as cement-making, flour-making, vegetables, fruits, and so on. After that, you can trade them with other players while you’re online.

SimCity BuildIt
Price: Free+

#5. Fallout Shelter

This game is based on the famous Fallout franchise. In the game, you will be the vault overseer of the Fallout Shelter. What you have to do as an overseer is to make sure that the vault will be populated with dwellers and make sure they are alive and happy. You can also expand and build your vault to accommodate more dwellers. For the dwellers to increase, you have to create relationships for them to have kids. Another thing you have to do is to make sure you can fight off the attacks from the creatures from the wastelands as well as other enemies.

Fallout Shelter
Price: Free+

These games are just some of the many that you can choose from. You will surely have a fun time learning the ropes of each game and achieving the rewards on each level. You will be your own boss in each game, creating and making sure that your city or your world is growing and fighting off all the enemies.

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