Bluboo Edge Features the Curvy Display Like Samsung S7

Bluboo does not seem to be taking a rest from the continuous smartphone manufacturing. As per the latest news from the tech world, they are working on the Bluboo Edge thoroughly which is going to be released in November. The company released a video of the device where it shows a display as we’ve seen in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Even the screen is not that curvy as the S7 it still makes a nice feel on the device. For further comparison between these two devices, let’s dive into some deep details.

Bluboo Edge adopts Gorilla Glass 4 as the display material for higher strength as well as the durability. As the chances of breaking the display in high pressure are very high for the curved screens, Bluboo specially took care in the build.  They used thicker materials in the production without affecting the overall weight of the smartphone. Also, Edge gets a dual-layer touch panel which is more stable, sensitive and accurate when compared to single layer touch panel common in modern day smartphones. The five-point touch support also adds to the feature list of the Bluboo Edge screen. For a better idea and a visual understanding, check out the video here.

Sweetening the latest rumors and news, Bluboo also declared that the presale price of Edge would be $99.99. As they’ve already done for most of their smartphones, there will be some exciting offers and discounts in the presale. But the release date of the Bluboo Edge is still unknown. Once we get information regarding the release date, we will update the article. So stay tuned. Also check out the below devices until you get the Edge.

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Bluboo Mini Bluboo Picasso 4G


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