How to Connect PS4 Controller to Windows PC

It has been 3 years since the PlayStation 4 launched and with it came a brand new next gen or might I say, revolutionary controller. The Dual Shock 4 was a successor to the dual shock 3 and came with a set of impressive features including the capacitive touch pad that we all love. This added with the other features allowed it to easily be accepted among many of the loyal fans.

Sony’s Commitment to Fans

At the time, Sony made a commitment to its supporters that the controller would soon be made compatible for use with Windows PC for gaming. 3 years later and the compatibility promised still doesn’t exist. In fact, there are no official drivers that have been released to allow for compatibility with the PC. The good news is, there are some methods that you can use to allow the PS4 controller to work with your PC. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Method 1: Using DS4 Windows

One nifty software that you can use is DS4 Windows that helps make your controller compatible. It’s very simple to use. Simply go the DS4 Windows web page and download the software. Once it’s done, extract the file.

After that, you’ll have two files, DS4 Windows and DS4 Update. Double click on the DS4 Windows and run the installer. Just follow the instructions and that’s about it.  Keep note that with this method, you’ll have to use the controller while connected to the laptop via a USB cable. If you need to use it wirelessly, a different procedure needs to be followed. You need to setup the controller by pairing it to your PC. You do this by:

  1. Holding the PS button and share button for up to 3 seconds until the lightbar begins to flash
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings on your PC
  3. Select connect to wireless controller
  4. You might be prompted for a pair code. Simply input “0000”
  5. That’s it, click finish on DS4 Windows installer and you’re done.

Method 2: Using Input Mapper

Input mapper works in a sort of similar way to DS4 Windows above. It allows the PC to recognize your PS4 controller as an Xbox controller thus making it compatible with some games. In order to use this software, you first need to go to the input mapper website to download the software. Once the software is downloaded and installed, you’re going to connect your controller to the PC with same method listed above. That’s it.

Method 3: Wait for the USB Dongle

Sony, the company behind the PlayStation, has gone across the platform by allowing its streaming service PlayStation Now to be available to Windows users. Together with this announcement is the coming of an official USB dongle that’ll allow PC users to enjoy using the Dual Shock 4. There has been no news of release yet for certain markets, but if you feel the above methods are a hassle, then this is your best bet.

Other Options

Sadly, for those that tried the methods above will have noticed that there are some compatibility issues with some games. On top of that, wireless connectivity is also not as reliable as connecting the controller directly via USB. The other option for those that don’t like the hassle is to get an Xbox 360/One controller. They are compatible and already configured for windows and will work fine with almost every game.


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