Samsung Planning Something big with S8 including a Screen-Body Ratio Over 90%

After the somewhat comical yet seriously deadly debacle with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung like a scorned lover is desperately striving to wow and bewitch us. To this end, it is rushing to manufacture and soon unveil yet another magnificent flagship that is hopefully going to make us forget everything but how to be an excellent sybarite!

The new phone might conceivably feature a flexible OLED display and a screen to body ratio of 90% plus. And it gets even better. Samsung engineers are talking excitedly of adding sensors to the screen itself and dispensing with the pesky home buttons altogether. This might easily bump the screen to body ratio to a positively eye-watering and hysteria-inducing 99%. The RAM on the device is a rumored 4 to 8GB, while the screen size is supposed to be 6, 5.5, or 5.1 inches depending on whom you choose to believe in and the phases of the moon. The screens are reported to be either curved or foldable, with resolutions of both 4K and QHD for the two reported versions. The former is sure to come in handy for integration with the Samsung Gear VR. Camera setups, battery and what have you are all widely rumored but sadly unconfirmed. But we take deep comfort in the fact that Samsung will definitely strive and strive harder to deliver a uniquely sublime product that will compensate us for what its earlier disaster proved to be. So, hope and pray.

And oh, it’s not only Samsung in the race to manufacture all glass, all screen smartphones. Apple too is furiously flexing its muscles and might well have its next Applelicious smartphone series be all glass, all sensors, all cute by mid to late next year.

As for Samsung, it’s so eager to regain market share and bragging rights to boot that its latest flagship might just be available for preview at the annual CES bash. And -applause- be available for purchase soon after. My advice? Make sure Santa is in a right good mood cos the latest Samsung flagship will cost upwards of $850. Either that or try digging for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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