The Thoroughly Reloaded iPhone 8 may Come with Wireless Charging and OLED Display

Wake up and wake up, the iPhone 8 is here! And it comes way loaded with the crunchy Apple goodies we have come to expect and some we have long demanded like wireless charging and an eye–popping OLED display. Apple’s previous long range wireless charging tech might conceivably feature on this device, with manufacturer Foxconn reportedly testing it as we speak.

Rather than the iPhone 7s, Apple has apparently chosen to release this brand new and thoroughly re-imagined device that is definitely nothing like its predecessors. Which is bound to make a big splash and wave on the premium phone market, and on users’ hearts, minds and pockets.

The new Apple device promises to be seal-sleek and truly delish looking and features all glass screens and almost no bezels, with the home buttons eliminated to Neverland. The earpiece and those extra good Apple cameras we particularly love will still feature prominently in front. While the sensors will be underneath the display rather than messily and distractingly cluttering up the screen real estate. There is even talk of the screen being curved like a catwalk model. Which is definitely in line with other flagships and shows how close Apple has its ear to the ground and our combined hearts and wishes.

Why is Apple going to all these troubles? Well, turns out next year is the 10th year anniversary for its original iPhone. In case you forgot, the original iPhone was released way back in 2007. A century away right, time flies and all that. Well, Apple evidently thinks making a revolutionary new flagship just like the original iPhone proved to be would be an excellent way to celebrate its heritage and continual innovative excellence. And we couldn’t agree more. Way to go Apple!

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