Top 5 Best Word Games for Android Smartphones

Almost everyone likes playing games with their phones. There are many types of games available today that you might have a hard time choosing one. In this post, we’ll show you five of the best word games for Android smartphones. These games will surely test your mind. But these challenges will make you smarter and quicker to answer the game as you play more of it. So let’s begin with the first one!

#1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is developed by Newtoy, one of the best creators when it comes to the gaming industry. But recently, Newtoy has merged with Zynga. It is now known as Zynga with Friends. The game Words with Friends is similar to that of Scrabble. You play with opponents while taking turns. The goal of the game is to have the letters rearranged so that you can create words that can give you the top score. All you need to do to play the game is to login to your Facebook account and you are all set to play the game.

#2. Letter Rip!

This game is perfect for your kids if they do not like being rushed to play a game. With Letter Rip! You get to play the game at your own pace. You don’t have to follow the rules when it comes to this game. You can form words for as long as the letters are really close to each other. You get to have all the time you need to form the words to get the highest score.

Price: Free

#3. 7 Little Words

You may find this game quite minimalistic but don’t let the design fool you. This game is very addictive. In this game, there are twenty letter groups and what you have to do is to solve the problem like you do in a crossword puzzle. There is a free version and a paid version for this game. The free version is not bad at all so you can try it out first before thinking about upgrading to the paid version.

Price: Free

#4. Word Weasel

If you like the adrenaline rush you get from playing a game, then Word Weasel is for you. In this game, you have to be able to find as many words as you can within one minute. Your score will be based on the word you were able to find when the timer began. In this game, you will surely challenge your mind.

Price: Free+

#5. 4 Pics 1 Word

This is a game that is already popular among users. In this game, you will be presented with four pictures. The game will then ask you to give the answer basing on the similarities that the pictures have. At the bottom of the set of pictures, there are jumbled letters. The quest is now to rearrange them into something that would make sense and would be the one word for the four pics. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Price: Free+

Now you have the best choices for word games for your Android phones. Just think of the game that will challenge you or the ones that you will surely enjoy and simply download it. You’ll surely have a great time with these games.

Lozi is a tech lover with good knowledge about tech gadgets and smartphones. She loves to write about the latest technological trends and share them with everyone.
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