AdNow Review: Make Money With Native Advertising

Native advertising is there for a while and has been growing its roots deep into the advertising soil. As per the reports, by 2021 the revenue share of the native ads in the display advertising will be more than 74%. It’s not a small number in this trillion dollar industry. Reports also state that the customer engagements on the Native ads will be more than 20% – 60% in the coming years. As the new generation is very familiar with the display advertising and is very clever to not hover their mouse on the ads, the native ads stand a chance in the coming years.

So, while searching for the best native ads network, we came across a popular name – AdNow. It is a native advertising company founded back in 2014 and had widened their network on over 107+ countries with 190,000+ partners in this short span of time. They are one of the fastest growing native advertising network that we found so far. So, we’ve decided to run a thorough review of this ad network for those who love to implement native ads on their new website or those who fed up of the existing ad networks. Let’s have a look.

What is AdNow?

As Mentioned before, AdNow is a native ad network with a huge connection of advertisers and publishers expanded in over 107 countries worldwide. As per the company, they are receiving around 4.2 billion+ impressions per month which are still growing month to month. The process is very similar to any other ad networks as you implement the ad codes in your website and keep eyes on them. They will pay you once you reach the minimum payout threshold of $20 via PayPal, Wire, or Payoneer as per your comfort.

It is available for the publishers in most of the countries and offering good rates when compared to other competitors. But to be honest, not good as the giants like AdSense. With an average native ad CTR of around 1.15%, it was a success in converting a major portion of the website visitors into revenue. Publishers can keep track on their earnings like in any other ad network. In addition, they can also earn from referring people to the AdNow.


How AdNow different from others?

One of the most important things that we noticed is that it allows ads on websites in any languages. Normally, Non-English websites may not get approval for certain advertising networks like Adsense. But in the case of the AdNow, language is no more a problem. This feature makes it possible for the local website owners or the bloggers who blogging in their own native language to place native ads on their website.

And the second thing is it allows a referral program which is also unique from the Giants on the field. It is very rare to see such ad networks that allow publishers to earn by referring people to the network. If you are brilliant in promoting referral links, this is a must try.

It offers competitive rates on clicks and impressions on native ads. Even if not that much as the Giants, the AdNow still managing to provide good rates that you won’t resist. The good placements and nice design attracts visitors to click on the ads making your CTR grow like a rocket. Personally, we liked the way they implement the ads so that to look like just some related posts in your website.

The native ad widget is completely customizable as per the user’s needs. You could change the colors, size of ads, the number of columns and rows, fonts, etc. This feature is not available in many of the popular native ad networks. It allows publishers to match the look and feel of the ads to the design of their website thus increasing the CTR.

How to Use AdNow?

In order to Sign up as AdNow Publisher, the steps are quite simple. You just need to visit their website and fill your credentials. Once you did with signing up, you have to wait for your website approval. AdNow publisher approval system is quite easy as compared to other Native Ads network like Taboola, Outbrain, etc… AdNow quickly accepts your website even you have some decent traffic, and after your approval, you can implement the code for Native Ads Widget. Just copy the code and implement it on any place you like. You could place them on sidebar, under the articles or in between, and anywhere as you like. The ads are manually moderated so that no worries about blocked or harmful ads. Most Important: AdNow ads are completely safe to run with Google Adsense ads.

Before joining the program, you should be careful about some rules and regulations. As per the company, your sites must not,

  • Have broken copyright laws.
  • Contain prohibited content like adult, spyware, spam, adware, malware, etc.
  • Promote illegal activities prohibited by laws and regulations.

And in the long run, the publishers must not,

  • Use bots or software to manipulate clicks for increasing the earnings.
  • Click on their own ads or encourage others to do.
  • Use proxies, PTC sites and auto refreshing sites to generate fake traffic and increase the earnings.

If your site meets all these requirements and you are agreeing to play fair in future, you can start using the AdNow and earn some extra money from your websites.

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Final Verdict

There are numerous ad networks on the internet and to be honest, some of them are not likely to earn much. But there are exceptions which really helps you to earn a lot of money. From our testing and implementation of the AdNow ads in one of the websites in our network, the results were satisfying. We were able to earn nearly good amount from a very short span of time. The most likely features of the AdNow are the customizability of the ad widget and the support for the non-English websites. The CTR and pay per click were also good when compared to the competitors on the field.

So, if you already had bad experiences with other ad networks or looking for the first one, AdNow might be one of the best choices. The setup process is very simple and will never make you stuck on the chair for long. You can easily become AdNow publisher by clicking above button or in case, if you still have any queries then feel free to join their Official Digital Forum thread from here.

Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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    Zeengooshawn Feb 12, 2017 at 2:21 am

    don’t ever use adnow its fraud,,,,when you request for payment they will terminate your account

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