How to convert M4A to MP3

So you have this device that doesn’t support the m4a file format, and you’re wondering “how can I convert an m4a file to mp3?” Why wonder when there’s an easy way to do it? It’s as simple as converting your mp4 files to mp3.

Here are some quick ways to convert your m4a files to mp3.

Convert M4A to MP3 using free online converters

Choose from a plethora of free and paid online converters and turn that m4a file into mp3.

  • Visit MediaIO. Click on Select Files to Upload button > select m4a files you’d like to convert > Choose mp3 as the output format > Select the file quality > Convert > Download. Arguably one of the fastest online converters with 0 second waiting time for uploading and downloading converted files, this online converter is a handy tool to use. You can also download the free converter for your PC from the site.
  • Visit OnlineAudioConverter. Here’s another quick way to convert your files. Navigate to Open files > Select mp3 on the number 2 step > Download. You can edit the track info for your converted file by simply clicking on the edit track info link.
  • Visit ZamZar. Navigate to Step 1 to Choose Files > select the m4a files you’d like to convert > on step 2, select mp3 as the format to convert to > enter your email address if you’d like to receive the converted files in your email inbox > Convert > Download.

Convert using VLC media player

Media players aren’t only meant for playing media files. They’re handy when it comes to media file conversions.

  1. Download and install VLC Media Player from VideoLAN.
  2. Launch the app, navigate to Media > Convert/Save > Click on the File tab > Add.
  3. Choose the m4a file you’d like to convert to mp3 > Open > Convert/Save.
  4. Select the folder to save in and enter the filename ending with .mp3 (e.g. mp3), then click on Save.
  5. Select Audio-MP3 under the Profile drop down menu and click start.

Convert using your Media Converter app on your Android device

  1. Download and install Media Converter app from the PlayStore.
  2. Launch the app and locate the m4a file you’d like to convert to mp3.
  3. Select convert to mp3 and you’re good to go.

Convert using Audio Converter Google Chrome App

Google Chrome browser apps are becoming more and more efficient and helpful. This Chrome Audio Converter app converts the files for you with just a few clicks.

Convert using the iTunes app on your computer

This process is similar to converting mp4 to mp3.

  1. Download and install the iTunes app.
  2. Launch the program. You need to set the preferences that would enable you to convert your files. Navigate to Edit > Preferences > General.
  3. Click Import Settings > Select mp3 encoder > OK > OK.
  4. Select the mp4 music on the playlist you’d like to convert to mp3 > Navigate to File menu > Convert > Create mp3 Version. iTunes will automatically convert and create the new mp3 file.

Pretty easy right? Also check, how to convert MP4 to MP3.

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