Latest Blackberry Priv Beta Security Update Available

Blackberry has once again amply even magnificently demonstrated why some unreservedly love it to pure idolatry and beyond. Apart from its peerlessly premier hardware design that still effortlessly gives me goosebumps, it is also endlessly focused on making its smartphones as secure as possible. This it eminently does via monthly security software updates as new threats, new vulnerabilities, new scenarios, new performance enhancements, etc. are discovered, analyzed and reacted to.

So, if you were lucky enough to possess the mightily unique and first of its kind Blackberry Priv smartphone, “All is well”  courtesy of a 98 MB kid-sized guardian angel. Which incidentally bumps the firmware version to AAH505. In case you need way better device and the naughtily important contents thereof protection, you might definitely consider switching to a Blackberry product. Either that or go live on Mars. Or even better, somehow acquire an NSA, DARPA or CIA branded smartphone with some powerfully far-out  future tech.

Well, here is the undiluted news article straight from Blackberry:

Today’s update brings news that AAH505, our candidate to be the official November security patch update, is now available to beta participants on all devices (except Verizon variants) to begin testing. Depending on the build you’re coming from, this will either be a relatively small patch download or a very large full download. If you don’t see the update available, open up the phone dialer and punch in *#*#CHECKIN#*#* then check for updates again.


If you have a mighty powerful Blackberry Priv, you know just what to do. As for Verizon customers, don’t despair, you can always sue the company when your device gets hacked by a particularly evil and skilled evil genius and thereby be able to afford that Dubai penthouse suite you have long lusted after. Way to go Blackberry, now if only the Android tribe can copy your tart Blackberry drive and focus!


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