Top 5 Best Alphabet Games for Android Smartphones

Mobile devices today can be used for many things. It is not only a tool for communication, it can be a tool for learning as well. There are many apps available that can make learning much easier and faster, especially for kids. Yes, adults are not the only ones who can enjoy a good game in their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Toddlers and little children can be taught how to use mobile devices so they can learn the basic things such as the alphabet and numbers. In this post, we will share with you some of the best alphabet games for android smartphones that you can choose from for your little kids.

#1. Endless Alphabet

With Endless Alphabet, your kids can enjoy this word game by rearranging a set of letters so they can figure out the answer. When they get it right, an animation will play explaining what the word means. The game has over a hundred words to learn from. The great thing about this game is it does not record failures as well as top scores, that way your child can play at his or her own pace.

Endless Alphabet
Price: Free+

#2. Intellijoy games

With Intellijoy, you can be sure that your child will have almost unlimited games to choose from because this game develop specializes in kids games. Some of the games to choose from are preschool puzzles, kids painting, and simple activities such as ABC letters and connect the dots. Intellijoy games is a favorite among parents. All of the games have a free version. However, if you do want to have the entire set so your child can enjoy endless games, it can cost about $22.00. But the price will sure be worth it for all the games that your child can play.

#3. AlphaTots Alphabet

Little kids will love this game. They will be able to learn their ABCs through numerous games such as treasure hunts and building robots. The game mainly uses action words in guiding the kids through each sound and letter. There are many puzzles and games to choose from, making sure that your child will surely learn the alphabet while having fun in the activities. The app is very interactive, equipped with sing-a-longs. Your child will be able to recite their ABCs in no time.

AlphaTots Alphabet
Price: $2.99

#4. LetterSchool Cursive Writing

With LetterSchool Cursive Writing, you child gets to learn how to write in cursive. The game has many animations and activities where your child can practice writing in cursive. It also gives the opportunity for the child to repeatedly practice his or her handwriting without getting bored of the repetition. There are always new activities to choose from so that the previous learnings can be retained while learning new ones.

#5. Elastic Alphabets for Kids

Elastic Alphabets is one of the most entertaining kids app there is. It is designed to make sure that your child can review as well as reinforce letter recognition. It is a fast way to learn the alphabet and remember them. Elastic Alphabet is a great game for your child. Not only that, it is also a good game for ESL students as well as for students with special needs.


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