Nokia D1C Android Smartphone Images Leaked

Remember cute, old Nokia? Am willing to bet my lunch money that it was your first ever phone back in the good old days, just like a big chunk people I know. Its earlier products proved nearly indestructible and came with the longest lasting battery that makes today’s smartphones put their heads down and cry a river.  And then the world became bitten by the Android zombie bug while Nokia chose instead to roll with the Windows OS. A disaster. Sighs.

Well, yours and my nostalgic musings and pitiful longings might soon be at end going by current reports that Nokia is about to return to making phones starting late this year. And no, it’s not going to flood the market with a slew of offerings, but will rather offer a few high-quality handsets and some feature ones to boot. One of these is the flagship Nokia D1C with rumored specs aplenty and just recently leaked pictures. And oh yes, it looks definitely like something you might want to take home to your mom and proclaim your undying love about!

The smartphone was previously thought to be just a tablet, but from the leaked images we can categorically say it is not, unless its a sinister Transformer of course! Courtesy of image renders from Weibo, it is expected to come in Gold, White and Black colors. The Gold version is the primo and sports a fingerprint sensor underneath its Home buttons which the other versions lack. The Gold also dispenses with front capacitive buttons that its other two siblings are saddled with, and all three have volume and power buttons on the right edges.

The phone comes rounded in all the right sexy places, with a 3.5mm audio jack on top, complemented by a USB port -of unknown type- and a microphone on the bottom. And what might or not be a glass back casing. According to past leaks, the Nokia D1C will sport a 2K display, as well as be water and dust resistant to IP68 like the Samsung Galaxies and the chunky Apple. Pushing power comes courtesy of either a Snapdragon 820 or 430 chipset mated to 3GB of RAM, with 32GB of internal storage available. Cameras are a 13MP front shooter and an 8MP selfie thingie.

The device will most probably be unveiled at the MWC next year by Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri. Till then, lets all hope and pray and raise full glasses to good old Nokia.


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