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If you lost your smartphone or its stolen, there are numerous ways to recover it. You could either search it manually all along your travelled path, or you could simply search it from your Laptop! I think, the second way will be much better and easier in finding your device. But of course, have a quick search around. Nowadays, most of the world population using an Android smartphone where they might have a Google account. If so, you are very lucky to recover your smartphone effortlessly. With its undeniable services like Gmail, Youtube, and many others, Google can also help you to recover your lost smartphone in a matter of minutes.

In this article, on Find my Android Smartphone, we are going to provide the simplest way to get back your lost or stolen smartphone.

Note: This will only work if your smartphone has a Google account connected to. No need to worry as most of the Android users nowadays uses Google Play, and it should need the Google account access to run. So, your device will be most probably added to your device directory stored by Google.

Steps to Find my Android Smartphone

  1. Open your computer or whatever device which has an internet connection.
  2. Open any browser and log in to your Gmail or Google account.
  3. Go to
  4. Just type, “find my phone” in the search box and press “Enter.”
  5. Now, the result screen will appear, but there will be something different from the usual search results page. You could see a box like this where you are going to locate your lost mobile phone.
  6. If it is showing a “Sign in” button, just click it and sign in to your Google account which is connected to your device. You can see your device name at the bottom of the box. If you have multiple devices, be sure to choose the lost one.
  7. After Signing in it will automatically start locating your mobile and will show you the exact location where it is now.
  8. You could also click on the “Ring” button to ring the smartphone (Useful if you lost it anywhere nearby.) If you firmly believe that your smartphone is stolen and want to secure your data by erasing it, just click on the map, and it will bring you to a wider window. There click the “Enable Lock & Erase” button and confirm the action.

Once you found the exact location of your smartphone, you could either locate it manually or put a complaint to the nearest Police Station. As long as your device is running and there are no other tweaks done to the firmware, you can easily get the details of the device location. But, it is better to be quick on the process.

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